Monday, September 12, 2011

feels good to feel good

woke up this morning feeling incredible... could be becuz i went to bed before 10 last nite... or becuz i been cleansing my body... or becuz im keeping busy at work(s). either way i feel good and im doing my best to spread the feeling. weekend was okay... my days are running together a bit more now. spoke to one of the parents from my bball team i coach. he cant wait for the season to start, they all wanna crucify me becuz of the lack of summer practices, but his boy still loves me. i know im doing something right when a kid i know, only from bball, his dad calls me to tell me that his son loves me and cant wait till the season starts. that makes me know that i aint doing it in vain. i mean granted, there are perks of coaching ;o) but ultimately its about the kids. im so grateful for the opportunity, im so grateful for my boys and the parents that are in their kids lives pushing them to participate and to be something. life is good man, aint got no complaints. enjoy yall day. oh, im gonna be involved in a new column on Etoile's website, coming soon. stay tuned for details!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

fashion's night out! 9-8-11

hey yall! its fashion's night out tonigt in NYC! i will be escorting the very talented alex young to a few spots. we'll be giving away some song downloads, some other merchandise im sure... idk really, i just know im hangin with a bunch of pretty and talented ladies tonight, so fellas u can go ahead and ENVY ME! lol i just got a fresh baldy and already got 2 mosquito bites right on the top #randomthought. smh. didnt research fashion's night out, didnt inquire, just said EFF IT and agreed to go. i imagine im gonna see some clothes, meet some folks, take some pics, make sure alex is safe and hopefully EAT! there better be food at these places tonight and i aint even playing! this is so dope tho. i mean, to live in the area my entire life, to work in the city for several years now and to have never paid attention to this event/evening... but the second i start to pursue this career in entertainment, all of these things u see on the news and u see commercials for and hear bout on the radio become a big deal. couldnt care less bout this last year, but this year im effin geeked for it. see if i could get some dope pics while im out tonight and psot for u guys on my next blog. im feeling it again, that feeling. im feeling this blogging think and the facebook post thing and the twitter, etc. but idk sometimes. if i post to facebook, should i hafta tweet? can i tweet what i put on fb? if so, would my followers be all pissed and be like 'U ALREADY SAID THAT STUPID!' idk lol i do know that, the cleaning lady is due at my house! after this, what im sure will be an amazing evening, i will hit yall back! get ready AY, its going down!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

still homophobic?

hey yalla been a minute. nuff of that... lol. are there still people out there that are homophobic? im sure there are... but my question is, WHY? i saw a sign in the city that reads 'if you dont like gay marriage, dont get gay married'. thats gotta be the truest shit ever! if you dont like it, dont do it! the same thing goes for guy on girl marrieages, if u dont like it dont do it. i really still find it mindboggling that people feel so negatively and strongly about things that have absolutely nothing to do with them in their personal lives. i know quite a few homosexual individuals and not to play into any stereotypes or puns but i swear they are the happiest and most fun people ive ever known.  gay girls and gay guys have always been a part of my life from a young age and im glad they were. i was brought upl differently. my momma did a great job, so i hear. lol. she didnt shelter me from shit or sugar coat anything. she let me know exactly what was what whenever or wherever we were. shes awesome. she exposed me to things that some people may decide against for their children, but surprisingly enuff everyone i know loves mea she had to do something right. even if it did mean to expose me to other liffestyles and whatnot. im grateful for her, because if that didnt do anything else.... it taught me to be tolerant. that people are people and however someone else is aint gonna ultimately determine how im gonna turn out. everyones decision is their own. dont be scared and dont hate... if u dont like it then dont do it, but dont give a hard time to those that like it and do it. grow the fuck up ppl! hit yall later

Monday, August 22, 2011

welcome back!

hey yall... been a long time, too damn long... hope yall aint mad me, had good reasons. doesent matter tho, because im back!  been doing some things while i was away, spent some time in the ER, been dieting, hit a cpl parties, had some interesteing encounters wit some folks. been good mostly, spirits have been high lately, aint go no complaints. learned recently that that crap i would find myself being bothered by wasnt even my crap... but when u care about people u tend to take their feelings into consideration and feel just as bad as they do about certain things and just as happy for them bout others. im good tho yall. gonna implement something new to future posts and gonna do my best to post daily. im having difficulty accessing my blog from my netbook, so i hafta either do this from my cell of my pc at home..... technology is grand, i love it! there has been a ton of things going on that id like to voice my opinion on, so we're gonna get that popping off this week as well.... get some currrent events going, some pictures up to accompany the blog... ya know, lets do it for real this time. my mgr believes shes learned some helpful tools for blog'ing, so im gonna let her show me this week and we'll take it from there. hey, thanks to the folks that kept checking for the blog and questioned its lack of content as of late.... that was a huge help in me starting to post again.... this was just a re-introduction to me and whats been happenning... hope to these ratings and the website traffic shoot up again. will hit u guys up soon

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

too many things, too many things, too many things....

hey folks! lotta things going on, A LOT! but thats good right? keeping busy is good? it is for me not just busy, im thinking too much too. i havent been posting becuz the things im thinking about are a lil too personal and my mgr wouldnt want me to share some of that shit. or would she? idk either way but i know i decided to not share. mainy becuz it involves other ppl and i aint tryna put nobody in the hot seat and have em all mad at me. i can say this, I LOVE MY LIFE! lol wouldnt change it for the world. why is it so bad for men to express their emotions? why do we feel like it makes us lesser of men. its not right. its not fair. why are women able to be as sensitive and emotional as they want but we hafta be these statue like creatures that acts like nothing bothers them. i wanna break that mold. i typically do what i want anyway, so it shouldnt be that difficult for me to start this trend up. would women want a super sensitive man? do women really want men to express their emotions? do women REALLY want men to tell the truth about what/how they feel? i dont think so ladies.... i dont think yall really want that. itll be too many heartbreaks and attitudes walking round here if yall really knew how we felt or what we were thinking.  we tell yall, well the smart men, tell yall what yall wanna hear and keep hidden how we really feel  if it aint what yall wanna hear. it gets deep. oh boy does it get deep. i dont wanna talk bout this anymore. imma post something better later, not feeling this

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

finally comfortable

its about damn time! after all the bs and emotional turmoil and the transition from this to that and the car issues and all the other crap, IM FINALLY COMFORTABLE. im managing my time better, im able to get more out of my days now. first i had to find my happiness and then i had to incoroporate productivity in there and now im good. feels nice. in the midst of it all i have been neglecting my blog and other social networking sites, but all in all im glad i did. i thank u guys for being patient with me and not cursing me out everytime u guys check out the site and didnt see any new posts. thank you. i appreciate you bearing with me during the whole ordeal. u guys end up benefitting from my comfortability... since im managing my time better, i can actually blog more often. so, YOURE WELCOME! lol. nice week this week. im going to the advance screening of CRAZY STUPID LOVE starring Steve Carrell... the event is hosted by radio personality Egypt and i am super psyched to go! My mgr and i were invited by celebrity photogrpaher Rowena Husbands (, she is incredible at what she does, making people look good in pics and essentially makig them famous. im blessed, so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome energies. everything is finally making sense and coming into fruition. things are finally going my way. cant wait to see whats next... got some new songs to record, got some things to upload onto some sites. im getting there yall, just had to get HERE (comfortable) first! stay tuned. hit yall later.... success feels good, ComeGet$ome (CG$)

Friday, July 22, 2011


hi. umm not sure if u guys know or not, but its effin VAN DAM FRYDAY!!!!! that means all your troubles will disappear today, or else VAN DAM will kick the shit out of em! lol. another work week coming to an end. thank god! its been to damn hot this week. word, its like haiti hot outside! the a/c at my job hasnt worked in weeks.... smdh...but for some reason, with all the bs, i still feel grand. dont cha love that? could be the lack of sleep all week and now im floating around like a zombie but either way im feeling invicible! went to a party thrown by SOPHISTA FUNK and hosted by celebrity photographer Rowena Husbands. shit was sick! had a blast! its a monthly party, im gonna post some info about as soon as i locate the email with the flyer. the party brings ppl together after work, has the dj spinning crazy joints and my fave part, it has the women going HAM! i got a chance to see some of my entertainment 'ladies' that i havent seen in forever, good times had by all! gonna get yall some more info on the monthly parties.... i gotta run, im at work sweatin my british balls off! next week yall!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

as kids we couldnt wait!

but as an adult, i loathe summer. got some musty muslim chick on the bus. she pretty ass hell but she smell like a dirty ass high school football practice jersey. then u got huge ass man in line looking to get on the bus and hes literally drippping sweat on ppl and giving them attitude about it. dud was like 'i cant help it, its hot!' hahahahaha i thought that was really funny... i am grateful to be alive to appreciate this hot ass day. grateful i got a/c's at my house. grateful i got a job to go to and be hot ass shit all day. im just god yall, im fuckin fantastic. going to a comedy  show tonite at the gotham comedy something lol, my man TMor performing. its cool to know some ppl and have an in. my terrific mgr added me as her plus 1 so now I GET TO LAUGH TOO! lol busy busy week all week, but it dont compare to this past weekend, yowzers! ppl, stay cool and dress accordingly. its played out sitting around and complaining, get up and make shit happen! ComeGet$ome CG$

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

let him breathe!

sup folks? im gon get into a touchy topic right now... space and privacy in relationships. i cant speak from a woman's perspective, but i can let u know how the fellas feel (at least the ones im colose to). we as men have a weakness as every being does, but our weakness is women. ladies, you know this. and youve known it forever but for some reson yall still aint learn how to use this powerful weapon u have. i do understand that when u find the man you want and ur diggin him and hes diggn you and its all fun and u feel like that u guys will be in each others lives for some time that it can be difficult to see urself without this man. you wanna do everything together. u wanna go shopping, and to eat, and do laundry, and go for drinks, and go for drives and whatever the hell else ppl do when theyre in relationships. all that is cool, but dont go overboard. dont neglect ur friends and family and ur hobbies and interest because youve found someone that u care deeply for to occupy ur time. some ppl seem to not understand, because ur in a relationship it doesnt mean that everything else in ur life needs to disappear. doesnt mean u cut ur friends off (unless u realize they are bad for u), it doesnt mean u put u individual interests and hobbies aside. it doesnt mean that everything u do you hafta do it together. it just means that a significant other has been added to the mix and now that part of ur life which was lacking is not being fulfilled. enjoy each other, enjoy each other as often as possible. but u gotta keep in mind, too much ANYTHING is not good for u. so with all the time u like to spend with ur 'boo' please allow enuff time for u and ur 'boo' to be apart. dont be overwhelming. its not sexy.  and even if u live together, everyone is still entitled to their space and privacy. baby, because we live in the same house it doesnt mean that we always have to be in the same room. show some initiative. if u know the fellas are coming over to watch the playoffs and its not exactly ur cup of tea or there arent any other women present, give him that time with his boys. trust me, we need it. as well as u need to spend some time with the girls. we all need the space. i wanna go away for my bday this yr but im hard pressed finding a friend that i actually like spending time with that aint broke or got baby momma issues to go with me. and the ones that are capable of paying their way gotta lie about where we are going. its not fair. its not fair because if she wanted to go away with the girls for a weekend, us men wont have a problem with it. lighten up ladies, dont give us a reason and we wont misbehave. i admit, some dudes are just idiots and dont appreciate a good thing and eff shit up, but all of us aint like that. dont watch me like a hawk because ur last boyfriend was an asshole. dont make me feel guilty or bad because im attractive to some and am outgoing and ur just a little insecure about that. its not a sexy trait. work on u first, believe in u, display some confidence and trust him until u have a reason not to. all that going thru the phone, in dressers drawers, all that is out. u aint like it when ur momma did it to u when u were at home and u didnt even pay bills then. dont do it now. i aint go nuttin to hide but that doesnt mean i want u all in my closet or in my phone for nuttin. if im gonna be somewhere, dont just pop up there. not sexy. we need to breathe too. so what i may talk slick and flirt a little bit if im out, but thats where it stays, OUT. if im happy u aint gotta worry bout somebody taking ur spot. do wut u gotta do and we'll do wut we gotta do. everybody deserves/requires their space, its not healthy for us to be all on top of each other all the time. and u better invite urself or pop up somewhere without being invited. especially when its just the fellas hanging out. its awkward for u and its def awkward for us because now the boys dont know if theyre gonna extend the invitation to me next time since my chick has got the tendency to pop up where im at. not cool ladies. dont give me a reason. trust me until i  do something to make u not, please dont invade my privacy and jeopardize my other relations. it makes everyone uncomfortable... get a life outside of ur mate, its allowed.  this is a thought of mine that i figured i would into blog form. this is not directed to anybody or group in particular. just my thoughts....

Friday, July 15, 2011


i know that i suck at posting everyday, but u gotta admit that i post when its most important. like van dam frydays!!!!! hope everybody is looking forward to their weekend, i know i am. busy busy busy but thats good, becuz ill get into less trouble. got a production session on sunday, busy day planned with my brova and my deuce and rae on saturday... gonna be good. i gotta also fix one of my most important relationships this wkened. dont know how, dont what im gonna do....but i will make it right. gotta move forward with alot of things now, had the 'shake it off' grace period, now its time to get down to business. got put all my effort into my art and all my trust into my mgr and get it going. im clearly motivated, theres no doubt about that. guess i was just enjoying the summer, having a lil too much fun. but it happens. been unhappy so long that when i finally got happy i enjoyed myself a lil too much. nothing bad happened, just pretty sure that ive had a few doubting my intentions and actions. trust me, my intentions and actions are all good. got one goal. and that goal/dream is the one u held for me. i been kinda distant, but its how i deal wit things. shit was gettin real, had to take some space. reevaluate shit, but im back now. i know what i want and knw what i gotta do to get it. u just watch out, becuz when i knock down all these ducks i lines up, im gonna be looking at u like 'i told u i was focused'. lol. hey yall, my dreams are coming true, yall better ComeGet$ome! CG$

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

touch folks, dont just txt

hey ppl! been mia for a few, but its only becuz i was technologically challenged over the wkend. my phone shit the bed.... sucks how when u dont have a phone, it seems u dont have a life. sucks that we put so much faith into electronics. sucks that the human element in EVERYTHING is going away, and even cursive is being sidelined becuz of the enforcing of teaching kids to email. wow im blessed. i take pride in my ability to communicate effectively with others. i love the fact that im considered outgoing, entertaining and a people person. im so grateful that i honed these skills before i gave into the technology. cuz even if social networking sites or txting or email or any of that, even if it all goes away.... i still know how to deal with ppl. u know ppl are actually losing their language and speaking as if they are sending a txt or an 'IM'. thats crazy! we dont even speak to each other anymore. just yesterday i learned on facebook that one of my schoolmates passed away. that sucks how i learned that on facebook. im making it my personal mission to actually start touching these 'friends' that i have. my family need not worry, im with them every chance i get, but im gonna make contacts with individuals. do urself a favor and practice ur ppl skills, not enuff of  us do. talking is dying. touching one another is dying. lets keep in contact folks. lets transfer energy ppl instead just using it to power our electronics. lets start now! ComeGet$ome CG$

Thursday, July 7, 2011

drastic decision? MADE

ok so i did.... mad ethe drastic decision. wasnt sure if i would be ok with it, but its working out.  i feel fine about the decision. ive learned that all my choices have pros and cons and they all seem to be the wroing choice until i make it right.  feeling good today yall, and it seems everyday.  isnt that awesome? lol
almost thru the work week. omg! im watching this mma stuff on tv.  im a fight fan but this shit is disturbing sometimes.  im talking dude is smashing this other dudes face with the bottom of his fist like donkey kong. anyway....  this is one of the few blogs ive written from home and im looking around, i gotta lotta work to do in this place.  its all good tho, especially since theres gonna be more hours in the day. right?  i thought they were gonna extend the day by a cpl hours?  did i just make that up? oh well. we all know what tomorrow is right?  yea u know CG$ ComeGet$ome

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ur killin urself

ok yall, lets lose the negativity. ya know what? i didnt know what happiness was until i was 30 yrs old. that means i wasnt ever truly happy me entire life. and i know this to be true because of the feeling that i have and had since 30. i havent felt this way before. im thinking positive and im giving back and im doing what makes me happy and im giving thanks and im im im just all in right now. i love it! everyone i care about is healthy. i got no reason to complain, especially since it would make more sense to fix what ur complaining about instead of wasting energy complaining. to my friends, ur killin urself. ur killing urself because u dont believe in urself. it doesnt hafta be this way. make life what u want it to be. if u believe that u are stuck and there aint no silver ling on that cloud then guess what, it wont be. i dont inted on failing, i dont i cant do anything. feel me. i refuse to crash and burn. i dont try to do shit! either i do it or i dont. and if i do it, im gon do the hell out of it. i got no time for mediocrity. its not in my cards. my daddy was a great gangster and a bad father. my mom on the other hand didnt let that defeat her. she didnt accept that she couldnt raise her son on her own. she believed she could and she did. and now i got em lining up around the corner waiting to congratulate her on the job she did.  dont kill urself people, believe in something believe in god most of all believe in urself, because whether u believe u can be successful or u believe u cant be successful, YOURE RIGHT! CG$ ComeGet$ome

drastic decisions...

im gonna do something drastic today.... not bad just drastic. its not even that drastic to a regulare person, but im so damn dramatic that its DRASTIC! lol. sup yall. hope everybody been well, and i thank yall for being patient with me and my lapses in postings. i feel good tho. the women are treating good, my ladies love me, work is the most relaxing place i see all day, my house is coming along, the caddy is in the shop. ahhh couldnt be better. most importantly, im FEELING GREAT! it all starts within. when im feeling good inside amazing thiings happen. im gonna carry on this feeling as long as i can. gonna go ahead and make my drastic move today, nothing bad just drastic (for me). so yall enjoy yall HUMPday and i will check in later and let yall know how the drastic move went. thanks for reading, eat ya greens!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back at it...

idk if its just me, but it always kinda feels like a let down when u gotta get outta, as Bobbie would say, 'play mode' and get back into the regular daily grind. i mean, we all know the weekend or holiday will end just as soon as it started but we still seem to dread it. ive been working on an idea that could possibly extend our weekends. im thinking, maybe if dont wind down the day before we hafta go back to work we wont experience the inevitable hurt of  the first day back. maybe if we party just as hard on the last night of the holiday or weekend (sunday) that we could trick ourselves into believing that monday is actuallly sunday and monday will be tuesday for us then. lol idk just lil silly things i be thinking bout when im at work and spacing out. got some things coming up so the upcoming blogs should be pretty interesting. gotta meet with the lovely lady in charge of my ent career and determine  which sites we are gonna put some music on, get some more pages up and start doing some loval venues. so should be cool. stay tuned and welcome back to work kiddos!

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy 4th!

for some reason this doesnt feel like the first time that im gonna say this VAN DAM FRYDAY! sup yall? got something good planned for the 4th of july weekend? i will prolly hit up ROASTBEEF'S bbq, hit the studio, see my ladies. ya know. oh hey, guess what? i went to a talent showcase lastnite at this loft in midtown manhattan. it was pretty cool. there was an improv group there 'The Urban Chase' from NY, they ripped. also saw some poets some actors were there. a director who has worked in the industry for years and is finally making his first movie had a few of his actors there to perform a scene from the film. it was cool. i went in support of the host, comedian Tmor (tee more), i had seen him perform a few weeks ago in the city and was invited to see him host this thing. he is ridiculously funny. hes a good friend of my mgr and  i am afraid to spend a signicant amount of time with him, he and i would be a problem together. and in all this hype, all these entertainers, i bump into somebody from my home town and before the night was over, my networking ass mgr managed to get me a spot on the bill next month if i want. crazy right? im thinking perhaps i should do. maybe i will. gonna keep yall updated on that because the support will be greatly appreciated. wish everyone a safe and happy and drunk and high 4th of july weekend. i may post while partying, stay tuned to find out!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

good things....

good things are happening..... good things are goona happen.... how do i know? becuz i believe and i feel it. i feeel it inside my heart, my stomach. i feel success is on its way. see heres how it works for me... i think it, i believe it then i feel it. i work toward my goals and as long as i feel that energy within, my life, my universe will totally shape itself to bring me all that i am moving toward. i know, yall prolly like 'whatever' but thats fine to me. i know whats what. i know what im doing. and most of all, im happy.... so say what ya want, im good with me and my life. i love feeling like i can/will accomplish anything. i love believing that i can/will do anything. i love loving. ahhh makes me feel good. i swear, u get more done when u look thru eyes that are positive, loving, feel me. i ummm dream alot now and i the more i dream the more my dreams come true. good things are a coming, im tryna tell u! instead of being such a naysayer and seeing that glass half empty, how bout switching it up for a change and giving ur dreams a chance. be grateful yall, give thanks yall, love somebody and see how it not only changes the lives of those ur loving and helping but ull find great satisfaction too. i will do my best to pay it forward as often as i can. i know somedays just seem unbearable but u gotta fight thru those days, anyting worth having will be difficult to attain. it was difficult for me to get to this level of happiness, hence why im enjoying so much. CG$ (ComeGet$ome) thx guardian angel ;-)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dont ever expect anything....

ok so heres the deal... one shouldnt ever expect anything from anyone, this way you wont ever be disappointed. its ok to hope for the best, but dont expect it. u can only control you at the end of the day. other human beings have emotions and a brain and everything else that half of em cant get a hold of.... u honestly cant expect anyone to do anything ever. the old saying is true, you want something done then do it yourself. becuz if u enlist someone else to do it, chances are theyre gonna do it their way and it may not live up to ur expectations. another thing.... dont blame others for the outcome of ur situation. at some point u have to realize that you are responsible for ur actions. u are ultimately responsible for everything that happens to u. of course freak occurences occur, but in the end its what youve done that determines what u get. whatever you put out is what u are sure to get back. so be nice to people! dont act humble to receive some pity and when u see things arent going ur way u get an attitude! and speaking of attitudes, why the hell were so many women frowning at me today when i smiled at them? weird isnt it? evil unstable creatures. anyway, dont expect ppl to be anything but ppl. they have flaws, they have feelings and they have hearts. what they dont all have is common sense and thats where the problem lies...some dont have the ability to recognize when theyve done something wrong and then they like to blame u for avoiding the situation to steer free of the conflict. they cant help themselves. i dont expect these ppl to be anything but these ppl until the end of their days.... cant  believe that ppl change until they actually do. cant sacrifice my joy becuz someone is miserable with themselves. and at what point do u realize that its not everyone else.... its you. walk with me yall....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

why are full figured women so attractive and whats the diff btwn fat and thick, michael baisden show

ok so here in nyc theres a radio show on kiss fm hosted by michael baisden and the topic was whats difference between being thick and being fat and why are full figured women so attractive... i tried calling in but couldnt get thru for half hour so i gave up. luckily for me i could get my thoughts out there anyway becuz, hello, i have a blog. so heres my take... i appreciate all women, all women. i do not discriminate. but its something about a full figured woman... the way they look in their clothes, the way they feel. im not shallow to the point where i would say i dont like fat girls, cuz i like whoever treats me right. but everyone has a preference and mine is a shapely full figured gal. like em shaped like an hour glass, a 24 hour glass lol. nonetheless, all women deserve respect, so i make sure i always respect all women. ive had a taste for a petite one every now and again, but then i remembered that i like my women soft, warm. its my thoughts and to some it may be wrong, but i dont  wanna touch my lady and feel anything hard, i like em soft and cuddly. firm is cool but def not hard. i mean, skinny chicks look like it might hurt to lay with them in sexual congress, and ive never been let down by a full figured girl. ill jus stick to what i know. not saying i wont give slim a chance, but i can garuntee she wont change my preference.  now, the difference between thick and fat... i think its all in how a woman carries herself and the shape of the woman. theres only so much we can do to shape our bodies, in the end your shape is your shape and all u can do is manage how much weight u put on ur frame. thats just how i feel. at the end of the day a woman is a woman and all women are beautiful and i can find something super sexy about any woman, trust me. i could blog all day about women... i dont have any weaknesses but if i did it would prolly be women. women have taken care of me my entire life and they still continue to do so... probably the reason why i have more female friends than male becuz of their nuturing personalities... they are mothers, they are sisters, they are friends, they are lovers, i could go on and on... nutting better than a nice nite out, dressed, chilling with a fine full figured female, OMG! yall got me sitting at work going thru now! what was i saying? oh yea women. women women women. god bless yall! i love my ladies.....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I now pronounce you chuck and larry

god that movie is awesome! CONGRATULAITONS to all who fought the hard and long fight of legalizing same sex marriages in NY.  Its a touchy topic still but I want to take this time and blog to extend my CONGRATULATIONS!  Me personally have no issue with anyone loving anyone else or marrying anyone they choose.  We were born free and anything or legislation that passes that allow us to remain free is FINE BY ME. Now that NY is the largest state (most populus) to legalize the same sex union maybe other states will allow people to marry whom they want. I believe its up to the person.... It couldnt have come at a better time, this being GAY PRIDE weekend and all. wow, kudos.  Let this be a lesson to eveyone alive righht now, keep dreaming, keep working and keep believing becuz it can happen.  anything is possible until u believe that it isnt.  check back in on monday, gonna do my best to get yall thru perhaps the most difficult day of ur work/school week.  Thanks for reading, STAY POSITIVE!

Friday, June 24, 2011

you already.... VAN DAM FRYDAY!

i know yall prolly mad at me cuz i aint post but once this week but itll be ok, its a feeling and it shall pass. got that saying from my momma. its van dam fryday yall. that means u get to eat a lil fried chicken or whatever ur fried vice is. but only today, you work hard all week and ur in the gym and ur running marathons like some of my friends, sup d, and youve been making the right choices for meals all week... so today u could treat urself to a lil something friend. a lil something, not a whole bag of wings flings like i know im gonna prolly end up eatin. so thats why its fryday instead of friday... now for the van dam part... he was casted for background wprk in the movie breaking and he was bored with his part. so he spiced it up with his lil black onesie, his wrestling sneakers and some 'u got served' dance moves. i personally wouldnt battle him, aint gon have jean claude van damme embarass me with that outfit on and all those names. but him rippin in that scene just feels like the weekend is about to start. so it started the whole 'van dam fryday' for me. see, gave yall a lil knowledge. i hope yall have a tremendous wkend, and if u aint got nuttin to do try giving back to the youth, spending time wit old folks, tell ur momma u love her, wash ur clothes, jump on playstation, do something to keep busy and make sure its productive. dont just be idle sitting in the sala staring off into space stoned outta ya mind. set some short term goals this weekend and do ur best to get them accomplished. who knows what a florida room is? i had no idea til a few months ago. idk, just a random thought. my brain moves a million miles a minute so sometimes youll get lil random things like that. ok so i have a funfilled weekend planned, i love my life. gonna see my ladies, get finish coordinating the first summer bball practice for my boys, gotta run to costco, maybe bed bath and beyond, idk, idk if there will be time. if u could tell me in a comment what movie the  'bed bath and beyond' quote is from u get a sweet sugar suge hug, if its a dude who gets it you could just spin off. hit yall later, say ur prayers, stay in school, drink ya milk and eat ya greens. btw, troll two is the best movie ever

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

its coming back........

sup yall? got no idea why im up at 4 something in the am blogging but whatever. me being up and feeling the way i feel means that the "feeling" is coming back. yep, gettin that feeling again.  could be my damn stomach hurting all night or my allergies killing me but either way, im up and i dont feel sleepy and i been walking around the house picking up random shit and reading it. i swear i read the fingerhut catalog end to end in 20 minutes with no intentions on buying anything.  wrote a lil bit, made breakfast at 330, in the shower and bathed by 430 and now im just waiting for the time to come for me to commute into the city.  ahhhh....... im loving the feeling. and get this, im feeling so good that i am gonna blog again today. how bout that one?  u like that dont you? i know you like it. dont act like you dont like it. well i like it and ur welcome.  have a beautiful day everyone and check back by lunch time for another one! pz!

Monday, June 20, 2011


yes. the caddy. sigh. that big pretty ass 1979 cadillac coupe deville. that mothership of a car. that super sexy bench front seat, chaise lounge back seat. that, that, dayum my CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok. so i go to a hibachi in morris co, nj saturday and enjoy this absolutely bangin dinner with a couple of my ladies, right? the dinner is cool, the ambieance was set, cpol kids screamin but whatever.  we eat, its scrumptuos. we notice some buddhas sitting around.  it was what they used to hold the candles when they have a bday guest eating.  ok so im black right?  and you know that black ppl are always looking for the hookup, right?  so my mgr and good friend says to us while we are being seated "whose bday is it today?" and we are all in like "ITS HERS!" talking about another one of my ladies who just celebrated a bday. i mean, shit, we wanted a bday celebration... who cares that her bday was 2 weeks ago and we already celebrated that going to see bill bellamy.  this bitch must be old. we celebrated her bday for like 2 wks prior and now its 2 wks later and she still gettin bday celebrations. whatever! but still. we tell them tht we are celebrating a bday and i shouldve known something was up becua it tool them like 20 min after we payed the bill to comeout and sing happy bday and bang on that damn dumb ass makeshift drum with a kerchief on it. anyway we sing and blow out the candle and they was like "bye".  so me and the old ass who had mad bday celebrations was like, "lets take a buddha" and we do. and to put the icing on the cake, we steal 2 buddhas. not one, but two! long story short, after i drop everybopdy off in that super special cadillac, i pay the tnpk toll to get off at my exit and it stops and smokes..............  karma is a bitch, i had no idea what a buddha costs but i aint thing itll cost thgat much.  karma is a bitch, dont steal!and definitely dont steal twice in the same establishment! note to self... and i guess to the rest of yall too. i dont need a buddha, if i ever decide to steal another buddha i better be prepared to pay to have a car towed off the turnpike to my hoiuse then from my house to the mechanic. wkend was still cool tho, just cut short.

Friday, June 17, 2011

even tho...

even tho my allergies are kicking my ass this week and putting me down, my spirits keep managing to keep me up. ahhh, so many things to say. so many things to be gateful for. may seem a bit repetitive but my homie coming up again this weekend. and id hate to brag but im going to my first hibachi tomorrow. but dont hate, cuz as i type this u are experiencing a van dam fryday. what could be better that? i mean comeon, did u see the video yet? hes wearing a onesie and busting moves wtf? it takes nerves, takes guts, and most of all it takes balls as we could clearly see. its wut he had to do before he got that big break. so now i leave yall with this, even tho it seems like a long ruff road, even tho its seems like ur time aint coming, even tho u gotta take those van dam roles before starring in bloodsport, just do i and appreciate the experience. be patient. learn while u wait. i do. and i know my kumate is coming soon, call me frank dukes. van dam fryday bitches

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

white castle

omg i love white castle. those little steamy squares of burgers. those intoxicating onion topped sliders. those two bites and ur done meal replacements. fortunately i cant eat them like i used to. there was a time when i would get a ten sack with only cheese and onions just to hold me over til dinner, but now not so much. nowadays if i tried that ill be on the toilet doing a number three for an hour. i get the urge to give it shot but, i know thatll be a bad move. purpose of this post is to share a white castle story wit yall. ok, so sometime in the late 90s i had a craving for some white castle. there was a young lady in my life who would always be down for an eatiing adventure, be it buffet or late nite chix shack. so, with my sidekick i devised a plan to get some white castle. since i was in between cars at the time, this mission was not as cut and dry as you may think. and since i was freshly outta high school there was an issue with the amount of monetary resources that was present. so we decided that we had to get this craving satisfied and the only logical solution would be to catch a cab to the white castle and back. so we call a green cab and an older haitian gentleman arrived with our green chariot.  we make our way to the white castle and go thru the drive thru. we order, and i didnt notice then but looking back i realized that those onions and that aroma caused me to over order and exceed my budget. i didnt take noticce until we got back from our journey and it was time to pay the cab driver. i had spent all our money stockpiling on sliders that i forgot that i was being driven in a cab. i had one plan, it was all i had... i said to the driver, sir, ur not gonna believe this.... i spent all the money on the food. he said oh. i offered a cheeseburger for the ride, an extremely small gesture for the 8 mile round trip ride. i guess the stars were aligned that day because this old man took his payment in sliders. correction. a single slider. and ate that mutha like it was the last supper. i mean, who licks their fingers eating white castle. ahhh, it always works out for me. my codefendant and i went into the house and ripped those damn cheeseburgers son

come on now, u didnt know? really?

so someone i know really well has recently gone thru a breakup. hes all upset about it, has no idea why she left... really? its not like this stuff happens outta the blue. its not like there aint warning signs. how bout she aint sleep with u but three times a year. how bout u aint generating revenue and yall supposed to split the bills. how bout u dont wash ur feet fool. how about yall dont even get along. u knew it was coming. it wasnt a secret. maybe its a lesson learned... dont take ur loved ones for granted. treat ppl the way u want to be treated and for the love of god wash up fool. he didnt know why my ass. outta the blue my foot. unfortunately for homie its too late to be together again, but its the perfect time to start a friendship since there is a child involved. its the perfect time to make amends, gain her respect back. once the respect is there, who knows... we are all pulling for you. especially since. when the mountains turn blue, then its as cold as the rockies...

Monday, June 13, 2011

dreams come true...

ahhhh the mavericks are victorious. who wouldve thunk it? i'll tell u who.... every mav on the squad, thats who. dreams come true everyday. i am absolutely positive that every mavs player on the championship team dreamed of that moment. proof positive that u should never give up on ur dreams. i know that my dreams come true all everyday, and knowing this i know that it can happen for you too. im so grateful for mejj, this person held my dream for me until i could dream it for myself. needless to say, they aint gotta hold it no more. im dreaming bigger than ever now because the universe showed me that dreams come true. unfortunately i cant make anyone else really and truly understand this, but take my word.... once u dream and you work toward your dream and keep pushing for it, you will see incredible things happen. give yourself a chance, give your dreams a shot. who knows, u could become champion....

Friday, June 10, 2011


i swear, i cant say friday without putting  a van dam before it. if yall dont know what im talking bout, request me as a friend on the facebook lol or follow on twitter @sweetsugarsuge. feel good today. no. no. correction. feel fuckin fantastic. bears. beets. battlestar galactica. sorry yall, a quote from the office. anyway, i intend on having a blast of a weekend... got the staten island film festival saturday nite, got dinner with my ladies tonite or tomorrow, i love my life. do something fun this weekend. do something fun everyday. do what makes you happy for a change. that feeling will trickle down and inspire you to do more of what makes you happy. changes your mindset. makes you feel better. wouldnt you rather feel better than not. i love feeling good, thats why imma ride this wave til my jet ski run outta gas. omg i love jetskis. gonna do my best to blog over the weekend, been noticing more page views which is good. that means the word is spreading and i hope the word that is being spread is inspirational, positivity. i hope every enjoys their van dam fryday, have a piece of chicken this weekend and love it, or check us out at smash burgers. peace

Thursday, June 9, 2011


an awesome soul group, but not to be eff'd with when u r referring to weather. word as bond to allah yall, it was 83 degrees when i got on the bus this morning at 5:45. omg, thats crazy. was a little under the weather, feeling better now but stomach still a little sour. ahhh, summer is officially here, damn that mike woods. well its time to do all the summer stuff we do: vacation, outdoor sports, waterparks (gross), public pools (even more gross), fire hydrants (ghetto), water fights (more childish than ghtto, but fun), bbq on the westside but cookout on the east. best thing bout this weather tho, the women. they wear jus enuff to leave something to the imagination. i love yall. lol, if it wasnt for ur change in wardrobe during the summer, i would prolly be in alaska for 5 months outta the year. yall keep me going, keep me motivated, keep me at 'attention' :-)
my other favorite part of this weather means that all the knuckle heads go to the shore alot which means less weekend traffic, less populated watering holes (bar) and pretty much indoor activities for me (studio, playstation and anything else as long as the air is on freeze). yall drink plenty of water and eat ya greens and stay away from Mr. T's Cheetos. ttyl

Monday, June 6, 2011

great weekend!r

yea man, its monday all over again. but its good that its monday, cuz if the weekend was any longer half of us wouldve partied to death. and yall know im right. ppl kill me, 'my weekend was fun, but it was too short', yea aight. and plus if the weekend didnt ened when it did we have another to look forward to right away. i believe that one of the biggest joys of fun is the anticipation of it... of course its fun to have fun, but the anticipation of the actual 'fun', man that is some incredible shit. just waiting for the fun to kick off, hmmph wut an amazing wait... my weekend rocked, as anticipated... kicked it wit my brother all weekend. didnt see my ladies, but ill make up for that during the week this week. hope yall had a great weekend and if u didnt dont worry, its monday. and sure nuff tuesday comes after that. and if u can get thru the humpday to the day that starts off thw weekend party day, thursday, youll be fine.... and its all becuz the anticipation of the weekend, the suspense. omg i cant take it and its only monday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Van Dam FRYday

is it me or does it seem like fryday comes around every 7 days or so, weird. got my homie coming up frpm va this weekend, i wanted to say my bestie but that would be a bit feminine and i dont want get beat up on the way home from school. idk, maybe dinner tonite, studio, ps3 or something. i keep it simple since the career choice i chose involves disco'ing and networking and what not, i enjoy quiet time. gonna make this a short post since i know the last thing yall wanna do is here me rant ona FrYday. enjoy yalls weekend, be safe and feel free to comment. gonna do my best to put some pictures up and give u guys more to do while ur on my blog. pz yall, eat some fried food today

Thursday, June 2, 2011

spend some time...

hey. i know i dont get to spend as much time as i can with the people i love, but its difficuly when u have as many ladies as i do... those who know me know what im talkin about. so i establish a special relationship with them all, from latifah to tarae, sorry for naming names. i love it  that these ladies cant wait to see me and when they do they get so excited and happy. i love helping them out with whatever they may need help with at the time. i love being around them when its not too damn hot. my ladies take care of me because i manage to find some time tospend with them as often as i can. it may not be as much time as they want, but the time i spend is quality. thats my advice to the fellas out there... its nuttin like hanging wit boys and playin ball or recording music or whatever guys do nowadays in their skinny jeans. but the ppl u need to concerned with are ur ladies. make sure ur ladies get the time they deserve because they are the ones thats gonna take care of u. take care of u when ur sick, feed u when ur hungry, make u hire a cleaning lady when ur place is a mess. lol but seriously, look out for ur ladies. take the trash out for them, take their cars to get serviced, change their light bulbs, put the air conditioner in the window. not saying they cant do it themselves but if u do it for them without asking and give them the respect they deserve i garuntee u that they will make ur life worth living. i know that they could be unbearable at times but hey, they are women... jus spend the time and i promise u theyll spend their time making u just as happy. its a two way street. women are creatures that appreciate the little stuff. not saying that there arent some evil unstable creatures out there, but the good ones will make u feel like a king. i love my ladies

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

gettin there...

sup people? ok, so for yall who know me well, youre prolly tired of hearing about me talking bout cleaning up. well... obviously not enuff becuz none of yall came to over to help. its all cool tho, i love my ladies. the cleaning lady is confirmed for tuesday next week. woo hoo.  bbq soon after. its going down this summer yall. spirits are high, breathing is better, air conditioners are cranked up, bball is in the finals and the local courts are open. i been shirtless so many times this year already you wouldve thought i was at my physical prime. but its just that its been too damn hot. buts its cool, cuz things are finally coming together. ive been accepting certaiin things thats happened in my life and been visualize shit gettin better. been lining up my goals and knocking them down. been preparing myself for greatness. been setting myself upmentally.  nah, shit aint perfect right now but its getting there. shit will be perfect, or as close to it as possible. who wanna come along for the ride? huh? who? im on my way and if u know me, then you know that im gettin there

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day

hey yall, happy memorial day.  its too damn hot today. it was too damn hot yesterday.  i wont go and see my mother because she refuses to put her damn a/c on because she aint get a damn heat rash yet. andyway, my weekend was cool.  i saw bill bellamy perform standup at carolines on saturday.  celebrated my aunties bday and now that i think about was too damn hot in carolines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i cant function when its too damn hot!  imm ahit yall tomorrow.

im on facebook now

Friday, May 27, 2011

ahhhh van dam fryday and also memorial day weekend....

sup folks? its memorial day weekend. ppl are bbq'ing and going to the beach and all that crazy jazz. i am working on monday, and pplease dont pity me. id much rather be making money than doing anything else with my time. yep. working on monday. let me take this out to wish yall a safe and happy holiday and i thank all yalls for reading and keeping in touch wit me. u wont soon regret it . my future is brighter than my mgr, which means it pretty goddamn bright. love yall, ttyl

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

whos responsible?

sup yall? ok, im in brooklyn last nite at bamboo lounge to bear witness to a panel of hip hop historians and industry folks and artists and entertainment executives who are all there to speak about hip hop in the 90s. im listening for hours and they brought up some really interesting points that i wont get into becuz the purpose of this post is to pose a question i was unable to ask lastnite. lol. i want to know who out there feeels like hip hop has a responsibility to its community? should hip hop artists and rappers be more conscious of what theyre saying and doing and the image they are portraying? im gonna give my feelings on this and you guys can air it out by leaving a comment. i dont believe that these rappers and/or hip hoppers have a responsibility to the community. we all have blamed music for being too violent and sending the wrong message etc, when the truth is it is absolutely sending the right message. it is sending the right message to the individuals that want to hear that message. we all seem to forget that it is jus entertainment. if u dont like it then dont listen. if it entertains u then by all means tune in. these artists, as much as we love to relate to them and think we all have something in common, are just entertainers. its their job to do what they do. unless their job is to babysit, teach children, or anything like that then theyre not doing anything wrong. i mean, who relies on a rapper to guide a child? thats crazy. these ppl are jus individuals who earn their living by putting out songs and video that obviously have a market or else they wouldnt be in business. heres a scenario, how about the adults who dont like this brand of music simply tune it out. just dont listen. and if u dont want ur kids listening to it, then dont let them listen. its not up to rappers to say things u want them to say for your kids. they dont ask u to help raise their children. its not up to athletes to do anything except be athletic and win. yea, theyre on tv but so are the horror movies and the mafia movies and the crime movies. thats all entertainent. i dont see anybody up in arms when denzel was a crooked cop saying that it sent a bad message. pure and simple, these ppl have jobs and careers. it may be different from urs but nonetheless its wut they do. we are not victims of bad music. we arent forced to listen to it, we listen becuz we want to. we all have choices in life, u have to make the right choice for u and yours. you cant and shouldnt rely on an entertainer to do anything for u except entertain you. there is no such thing as bad music, theres only a such thing as music thats bad to you. lets hear folks....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

too soon?

idk if its becuz im rushing to end the hurt but i cant seem to force shake certain feelings and emotions. im usually good at this. i mean, im not sad. im notsuper excited lately either... idk, maybe its too soon for me to be celebrating and throwin parties, huh? or maybe when my house is completely a bachelor pad and im throwing retarded booty bashes itll all be better. i know one thing is for sure, i wont lose sleep or even another hour to this shit. i declare right now that i will shake it off and get shit poppin again. its weiird, becuz at the beginning of this post i was feeling pretty down but the last sentence my spirits turned around. see, see wut happens? think i just needed to say it out loud or in this case in txt in order to rid myself of the bad things festering inside. hey people, those feelings only exist becuz we want them there. i officially dont want them there anymore lol. and look at that, theyre gone. cool.... maybe its too soon to try and forget about her, but it aint too soon for me to start feeling better and capitalizing on the decision i made.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 WHAT?

just read an article that supposedly stated why black women are less physically attractive than non black women. for starters, i happen to interact with several black women everyday, prolly cuz im black. but seriously, the women in my life are absolutely incredible. they very well may be the finest sisters to walk the planet to be honest with you, but thats not what makes them beautiful. its the way they are. everyone has something about them that makes them special. it could be ur hair, ur brain, ur body, ur teeth, ur sense of humor, it could be anything. and the the best part about living in this life is that even though some jackass journalist thinks that u arent physically attractive, there are billions of other ppl out there who feel that u are just perfect.  ladies, im mean come on.... dont get worked up over the small stuff. my momma used to tell me to consider the source. that means when someone says something to u, before u pass judgement or get upset, ask urself if this person is qualified in said area of expertise to put forth said statement. with that being said, i bet you my first million the damn article was written by someone who doesnt prefer sisters, is not a sister, has been rejected by sisters, or has had a sister take their man. we all have our preference and who am i to say that this person is wrong. if thats how this person feels and thats what this person believes, then this person is right. he may be the only person that the statements seem right to, but nonetheless he is right. but lets be clear ppl, im an equal opportunity lover. therefore i pass judgement on no one and i know that how i feel is how i feel and they are just my feelings and opinions. and since this is my blog and i have the floor id like to say, in response to that article i read, black women are more physically attractive than non black women. not to say that other races arent hot, but just to say that i feel that black womean may be hotter. look at all the other races doing wut they can to get wut the sisters got. big tops, big bottoms, full lips, nice hips, big legs, wedding walks. i could go on for pages about my sisters.... the way they cook, the way they smell, the way the raise their children, the way they wear those house shoes and robes and tie that hair down while they cleaning up on s a saturday morning playing club music or old classic blue magic or al green. my sisters be doing it. so for all yall that read that shitty ass article, please remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion and consider the source. dont be offended, sisters aint for everybody, but they are for me. im glad he feels that way, one less person i gotta share my sugar with. love yall

Monday, May 16, 2011

today is the day...

ahhhhh...... today is the day.... today is the day that starts the new me. well im the same person, but with different short term goals and a different agenda. today is also the day that i found out that your seat on the bus can not be upgraded to a seat with extra leg room, and no one in the tristate area cares if ur tall, theyll still recline their seat when they see you coming.  could it be because i am way to excited and happy on a cloudy and rainy monday morning?  either way, the sourpusses are gonna hafta be sour, my new agenda doesnt have a time slot for me to deal with cranky commuters.  to do list is all in order, kickin ass, taking names and scratchin em off the list. today is the first day i get to see if i could keep a secret. today is the day of all days, get to change my locks today. overall im anxious to get this day started. hit yall later

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

case dismissed

blog blog blah. bin laden dead, the prince weds his princess, and sweet sugar suge has his first case that goes to trial dismissed. im not lucky, just fortunate.... im fortunate that the state trooper i was allegedly tailgaiting didnt come to trial and the judge, as seen on tv on a mayors tv show, threw the case out. its weird tho.... here is a self made man , who knows all the players in the state being one of the top judges in nj and def in the states biggest city, but he cant keep his eyes off of me. i mean, he tried looking at me at least ten times during the thirty seconds i stood before him and its like he couldnt focus in. its like he couldnt believe what he was seeing. its like he had never saw or heard anyone like me before. he kept blinking and trying to focus and gave it one last shot when i asked him the only question i asked, which also happened to be the only reason i even had to speak since i hired a lawyer. i asked at the end, do i need sign anything? then he could finallybzero in on me and simply answered no sir. i couldnt understand why he appeared to be in such awe of me while i stood in hiis courtroom couldnt understand why he blinked and squinted with such ferocity when attempting to focus on my face. it all made sense when i woke from my nap about four thirty today, turned my phone on and return a call to my mom. my star registry documents had arrived in the mail at her house today. the judge couldnt  believe what he saw....... he was in the presence of a star. and him being a star in his own right, he knew. not feeling great but that definitely feels good. in short, case dismissed.

Friday, April 29, 2011


here we go people, friday or like i like to call it fryday. its the last day of the typical work week. the first day of us partying and eating bad. the first day to stay up late. the last day to wake up early. a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts. wont be the last blog tho. been feeling out of it lately.... but fortunately i received some inspiring words from an undisclosed source motivating me to keep my handsome features up high and reminding me that the universe must balance itself out. so although im feeling down in these rough times, i still believe and know that itll get better than what it was becuz the universe must balance. sso, with that being said, you all enjoy the evening, enjoy the weekend and be grateful and blessed that today is another day. as for me, gonna slow down on the special of the day pizzas and speed uup on the seltzer. shrimp and crabmeat pizza, italian hot dog pizza, bbq chix pizza?  oh boy, did i break up or am i pregnant? pz

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

do what makes you happy

ok, so since youve been reading these you ought to be able to follow that someone is heavy hearted... little secret about emotions, you can trick them. lets just say youre sad. well if your sad you should do something that makes you happy. now heres the hard part, some of us would rather feel sad, we think that we are suppose to cry or be down when you lose something or someone that you wanted. and true it does hurt, but it doesnt hafta keep hurting. you are in control of your thoughts and emotions and with that being said, control your thoguhts and emotions to be happy. instead of thinking about how bad it feels to have lost, start thinking about how good it felt to have had. ah ha, see, u see how u jus tricked urself and emotions into feeling happy when thinking about the exact same thing that made you sad? man yall aint ready, i am the master of my universe. i will decide what i feel. my momma would always tell me to have a beautiful day and dont let nobody steal my joy. momma, im listening

Friday, April 22, 2011

have a jewel!

its been a trying week to say the least, all in all it ended with a day of peace. still and all still i love music but my heart wont beat until im back from vegas and find a new place to sleep. thank the lord for my ladies, they make sure i eat but i would rather have an ear when i need to speak. nobody knows how bad i feel cuz im so upbeat still i wont even let her touch me when we try to creep. with that said im gonna sign off, and keep this thing discreet and plus my bus is in new york, time to put my feet to the street. enjoy the wkend ppl

Monday, April 18, 2011


ya know, im a believer. one of things i believe most is that 'everyday is an opportunity to right your wrongs'.  i have learned that everyday can be as grand or as crap as we make it. i have decided to make everyday absolutely incredible. ive been going thru something lately, see past posts, and it has seemed to try and get me away from some of my beliefs. but i stand here today telling all who would listen that you need not worry. i will continue to believe so that my dreams may continue to come true. i will continue to take advantage of every day and every opportunity that is presented to me. i will acknowledge the negative by using them as life lessons but never giving into them. i will not accept nor tolerated conflict manufactured by man in an attempt to shake my beliefs or derail my teachings.  i am will be continue to be grateful for those things and people i care for and love but most of all i am grateful for everyday that my eyes open, because everyday my eyes open i have the chance the opportunity to make my world as great as i dream. i dream big now people, because i do believe that dreams come true. so now i leave u with this.... when u believe that things cant be any worse, jus start giving thanks for what u have. be grateful. be happy. think positive and remember that when the sun goes down, its gonna come back up. and then guess what happens then? a new day.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I dont know if its me but are people more productive following a break up? i swear thats the case. nothing hanging over your head, no responsibilities or obligations. you actually get to do wat it is you want to do without the threat of disappointing someone else. you get out there and have at it, and mainly because u are trying to keep your mind off of the ex significant other and the more you do that the busier you make yourself. and the end result is the more productive you become. once you focus all of your energy toward something its usually inevitable that the something your are focusing on will be successful. for instance, you are attempting to get a new job. so once the breakup is finalized, you get to focus more energy on the new job than on the breakup. you end up getting the new job because its what you want more now so than ever and the illusion is that u are more productive after a break up. idk, maybe its just me. and plus theres the issue of wanting to be super successful after the breakup so you do everythin in your power not to fail just to stick it to your ex. which ends up working. aww man, i would conquer the world if i were able to break up every month or so with a new person. but right nowi m gonna hafta settle for conquering my area e of expertise and my country. the rest of the world will come afterwards oh, by the way, guess whos single now?a