Friday, April 29, 2011


here we go people, friday or like i like to call it fryday. its the last day of the typical work week. the first day of us partying and eating bad. the first day to stay up late. the last day to wake up early. a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts. wont be the last blog tho. been feeling out of it lately.... but fortunately i received some inspiring words from an undisclosed source motivating me to keep my handsome features up high and reminding me that the universe must balance itself out. so although im feeling down in these rough times, i still believe and know that itll get better than what it was becuz the universe must balance. sso, with that being said, you all enjoy the evening, enjoy the weekend and be grateful and blessed that today is another day. as for me, gonna slow down on the special of the day pizzas and speed uup on the seltzer. shrimp and crabmeat pizza, italian hot dog pizza, bbq chix pizza?  oh boy, did i break up or am i pregnant? pz

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

do what makes you happy

ok, so since youve been reading these you ought to be able to follow that someone is heavy hearted... little secret about emotions, you can trick them. lets just say youre sad. well if your sad you should do something that makes you happy. now heres the hard part, some of us would rather feel sad, we think that we are suppose to cry or be down when you lose something or someone that you wanted. and true it does hurt, but it doesnt hafta keep hurting. you are in control of your thoughts and emotions and with that being said, control your thoguhts and emotions to be happy. instead of thinking about how bad it feels to have lost, start thinking about how good it felt to have had. ah ha, see, u see how u jus tricked urself and emotions into feeling happy when thinking about the exact same thing that made you sad? man yall aint ready, i am the master of my universe. i will decide what i feel. my momma would always tell me to have a beautiful day and dont let nobody steal my joy. momma, im listening

Friday, April 22, 2011

have a jewel!

its been a trying week to say the least, all in all it ended with a day of peace. still and all still i love music but my heart wont beat until im back from vegas and find a new place to sleep. thank the lord for my ladies, they make sure i eat but i would rather have an ear when i need to speak. nobody knows how bad i feel cuz im so upbeat still i wont even let her touch me when we try to creep. with that said im gonna sign off, and keep this thing discreet and plus my bus is in new york, time to put my feet to the street. enjoy the wkend ppl

Monday, April 18, 2011


ya know, im a believer. one of things i believe most is that 'everyday is an opportunity to right your wrongs'.  i have learned that everyday can be as grand or as crap as we make it. i have decided to make everyday absolutely incredible. ive been going thru something lately, see past posts, and it has seemed to try and get me away from some of my beliefs. but i stand here today telling all who would listen that you need not worry. i will continue to believe so that my dreams may continue to come true. i will continue to take advantage of every day and every opportunity that is presented to me. i will acknowledge the negative by using them as life lessons but never giving into them. i will not accept nor tolerated conflict manufactured by man in an attempt to shake my beliefs or derail my teachings.  i am will be continue to be grateful for those things and people i care for and love but most of all i am grateful for everyday that my eyes open, because everyday my eyes open i have the chance the opportunity to make my world as great as i dream. i dream big now people, because i do believe that dreams come true. so now i leave u with this.... when u believe that things cant be any worse, jus start giving thanks for what u have. be grateful. be happy. think positive and remember that when the sun goes down, its gonna come back up. and then guess what happens then? a new day.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I dont know if its me but are people more productive following a break up? i swear thats the case. nothing hanging over your head, no responsibilities or obligations. you actually get to do wat it is you want to do without the threat of disappointing someone else. you get out there and have at it, and mainly because u are trying to keep your mind off of the ex significant other and the more you do that the busier you make yourself. and the end result is the more productive you become. once you focus all of your energy toward something its usually inevitable that the something your are focusing on will be successful. for instance, you are attempting to get a new job. so once the breakup is finalized, you get to focus more energy on the new job than on the breakup. you end up getting the new job because its what you want more now so than ever and the illusion is that u are more productive after a break up. idk, maybe its just me. and plus theres the issue of wanting to be super successful after the breakup so you do everythin in your power not to fail just to stick it to your ex. which ends up working. aww man, i would conquer the world if i were able to break up every month or so with a new person. but right nowi m gonna hafta settle for conquering my area e of expertise and my country. the rest of the world will come afterwards oh, by the way, guess whos single now?a