Tuesday, April 26, 2011

do what makes you happy

ok, so since youve been reading these you ought to be able to follow that someone is heavy hearted... little secret about emotions, you can trick them. lets just say youre sad. well if your sad you should do something that makes you happy. now heres the hard part, some of us would rather feel sad, we think that we are suppose to cry or be down when you lose something or someone that you wanted. and true it does hurt, but it doesnt hafta keep hurting. you are in control of your thoughts and emotions and with that being said, control your thoguhts and emotions to be happy. instead of thinking about how bad it feels to have lost, start thinking about how good it felt to have had. ah ha, see, u see how u jus tricked urself and emotions into feeling happy when thinking about the exact same thing that made you sad? man yall aint ready, i am the master of my universe. i will decide what i feel. my momma would always tell me to have a beautiful day and dont let nobody steal my joy. momma, im listening

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