Monday, April 18, 2011


ya know, im a believer. one of things i believe most is that 'everyday is an opportunity to right your wrongs'.  i have learned that everyday can be as grand or as crap as we make it. i have decided to make everyday absolutely incredible. ive been going thru something lately, see past posts, and it has seemed to try and get me away from some of my beliefs. but i stand here today telling all who would listen that you need not worry. i will continue to believe so that my dreams may continue to come true. i will continue to take advantage of every day and every opportunity that is presented to me. i will acknowledge the negative by using them as life lessons but never giving into them. i will not accept nor tolerated conflict manufactured by man in an attempt to shake my beliefs or derail my teachings.  i am will be continue to be grateful for those things and people i care for and love but most of all i am grateful for everyday that my eyes open, because everyday my eyes open i have the chance the opportunity to make my world as great as i dream. i dream big now people, because i do believe that dreams come true. so now i leave u with this.... when u believe that things cant be any worse, jus start giving thanks for what u have. be grateful. be happy. think positive and remember that when the sun goes down, its gonna come back up. and then guess what happens then? a new day.

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