Friday, April 29, 2011


here we go people, friday or like i like to call it fryday. its the last day of the typical work week. the first day of us partying and eating bad. the first day to stay up late. the last day to wake up early. a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts. wont be the last blog tho. been feeling out of it lately.... but fortunately i received some inspiring words from an undisclosed source motivating me to keep my handsome features up high and reminding me that the universe must balance itself out. so although im feeling down in these rough times, i still believe and know that itll get better than what it was becuz the universe must balance. sso, with that being said, you all enjoy the evening, enjoy the weekend and be grateful and blessed that today is another day. as for me, gonna slow down on the special of the day pizzas and speed uup on the seltzer. shrimp and crabmeat pizza, italian hot dog pizza, bbq chix pizza?  oh boy, did i break up or am i pregnant? pz

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