Friday, April 15, 2011


I dont know if its me but are people more productive following a break up? i swear thats the case. nothing hanging over your head, no responsibilities or obligations. you actually get to do wat it is you want to do without the threat of disappointing someone else. you get out there and have at it, and mainly because u are trying to keep your mind off of the ex significant other and the more you do that the busier you make yourself. and the end result is the more productive you become. once you focus all of your energy toward something its usually inevitable that the something your are focusing on will be successful. for instance, you are attempting to get a new job. so once the breakup is finalized, you get to focus more energy on the new job than on the breakup. you end up getting the new job because its what you want more now so than ever and the illusion is that u are more productive after a break up. idk, maybe its just me. and plus theres the issue of wanting to be super successful after the breakup so you do everythin in your power not to fail just to stick it to your ex. which ends up working. aww man, i would conquer the world if i were able to break up every month or so with a new person. but right nowi m gonna hafta settle for conquering my area e of expertise and my country. the rest of the world will come afterwards oh, by the way, guess whos single now?a

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