Wednesday, May 4, 2011

case dismissed

blog blog blah. bin laden dead, the prince weds his princess, and sweet sugar suge has his first case that goes to trial dismissed. im not lucky, just fortunate.... im fortunate that the state trooper i was allegedly tailgaiting didnt come to trial and the judge, as seen on tv on a mayors tv show, threw the case out. its weird tho.... here is a self made man , who knows all the players in the state being one of the top judges in nj and def in the states biggest city, but he cant keep his eyes off of me. i mean, he tried looking at me at least ten times during the thirty seconds i stood before him and its like he couldnt focus in. its like he couldnt believe what he was seeing. its like he had never saw or heard anyone like me before. he kept blinking and trying to focus and gave it one last shot when i asked him the only question i asked, which also happened to be the only reason i even had to speak since i hired a lawyer. i asked at the end, do i need sign anything? then he could finallybzero in on me and simply answered no sir. i couldnt understand why he appeared to be in such awe of me while i stood in hiis courtroom couldnt understand why he blinked and squinted with such ferocity when attempting to focus on my face. it all made sense when i woke from my nap about four thirty today, turned my phone on and return a call to my mom. my star registry documents had arrived in the mail at her house today. the judge couldnt  believe what he saw....... he was in the presence of a star. and him being a star in his own right, he knew. not feeling great but that definitely feels good. in short, case dismissed.

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  1. It doesnt always take a star to recognize one, but a "superstar" sure can make things seem brighter when u need them to be!!!! lolz....