Monday, May 16, 2011

today is the day...

ahhhhh...... today is the day.... today is the day that starts the new me. well im the same person, but with different short term goals and a different agenda. today is also the day that i found out that your seat on the bus can not be upgraded to a seat with extra leg room, and no one in the tristate area cares if ur tall, theyll still recline their seat when they see you coming.  could it be because i am way to excited and happy on a cloudy and rainy monday morning?  either way, the sourpusses are gonna hafta be sour, my new agenda doesnt have a time slot for me to deal with cranky commuters.  to do list is all in order, kickin ass, taking names and scratchin em off the list. today is the first day i get to see if i could keep a secret. today is the day of all days, get to change my locks today. overall im anxious to get this day started. hit yall later

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