Tuesday, May 24, 2011

too soon?

idk if its becuz im rushing to end the hurt but i cant seem to force shake certain feelings and emotions. im usually good at this. i mean, im not sad. im notsuper excited lately either... idk, maybe its too soon for me to be celebrating and throwin parties, huh? or maybe when my house is completely a bachelor pad and im throwing retarded booty bashes itll all be better. i know one thing is for sure, i wont lose sleep or even another hour to this shit. i declare right now that i will shake it off and get shit poppin again. its weiird, becuz at the beginning of this post i was feeling pretty down but the last sentence my spirits turned around. see, see wut happens? think i just needed to say it out loud or in this case in txt in order to rid myself of the bad things festering inside. hey people, those feelings only exist becuz we want them there. i officially dont want them there anymore lol. and look at that, theyre gone. cool.... maybe its too soon to try and forget about her, but it aint too soon for me to start feeling better and capitalizing on the decision i made.

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  1. Positive thoughts can only bring about positive energies and with positive energies ANYTHING is possible.....World Look Out!