Wednesday, May 25, 2011

whos responsible?

sup yall? ok, im in brooklyn last nite at bamboo lounge to bear witness to a panel of hip hop historians and industry folks and artists and entertainment executives who are all there to speak about hip hop in the 90s. im listening for hours and they brought up some really interesting points that i wont get into becuz the purpose of this post is to pose a question i was unable to ask lastnite. lol. i want to know who out there feeels like hip hop has a responsibility to its community? should hip hop artists and rappers be more conscious of what theyre saying and doing and the image they are portraying? im gonna give my feelings on this and you guys can air it out by leaving a comment. i dont believe that these rappers and/or hip hoppers have a responsibility to the community. we all have blamed music for being too violent and sending the wrong message etc, when the truth is it is absolutely sending the right message. it is sending the right message to the individuals that want to hear that message. we all seem to forget that it is jus entertainment. if u dont like it then dont listen. if it entertains u then by all means tune in. these artists, as much as we love to relate to them and think we all have something in common, are just entertainers. its their job to do what they do. unless their job is to babysit, teach children, or anything like that then theyre not doing anything wrong. i mean, who relies on a rapper to guide a child? thats crazy. these ppl are jus individuals who earn their living by putting out songs and video that obviously have a market or else they wouldnt be in business. heres a scenario, how about the adults who dont like this brand of music simply tune it out. just dont listen. and if u dont want ur kids listening to it, then dont let them listen. its not up to rappers to say things u want them to say for your kids. they dont ask u to help raise their children. its not up to athletes to do anything except be athletic and win. yea, theyre on tv but so are the horror movies and the mafia movies and the crime movies. thats all entertainent. i dont see anybody up in arms when denzel was a crooked cop saying that it sent a bad message. pure and simple, these ppl have jobs and careers. it may be different from urs but nonetheless its wut they do. we are not victims of bad music. we arent forced to listen to it, we listen becuz we want to. we all have choices in life, u have to make the right choice for u and yours. you cant and shouldnt rely on an entertainer to do anything for u except entertain you. there is no such thing as bad music, theres only a such thing as music thats bad to you. lets hear folks....

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