Thursday, May 19, 2011 WHAT?

just read an article that supposedly stated why black women are less physically attractive than non black women. for starters, i happen to interact with several black women everyday, prolly cuz im black. but seriously, the women in my life are absolutely incredible. they very well may be the finest sisters to walk the planet to be honest with you, but thats not what makes them beautiful. its the way they are. everyone has something about them that makes them special. it could be ur hair, ur brain, ur body, ur teeth, ur sense of humor, it could be anything. and the the best part about living in this life is that even though some jackass journalist thinks that u arent physically attractive, there are billions of other ppl out there who feel that u are just perfect.  ladies, im mean come on.... dont get worked up over the small stuff. my momma used to tell me to consider the source. that means when someone says something to u, before u pass judgement or get upset, ask urself if this person is qualified in said area of expertise to put forth said statement. with that being said, i bet you my first million the damn article was written by someone who doesnt prefer sisters, is not a sister, has been rejected by sisters, or has had a sister take their man. we all have our preference and who am i to say that this person is wrong. if thats how this person feels and thats what this person believes, then this person is right. he may be the only person that the statements seem right to, but nonetheless he is right. but lets be clear ppl, im an equal opportunity lover. therefore i pass judgement on no one and i know that how i feel is how i feel and they are just my feelings and opinions. and since this is my blog and i have the floor id like to say, in response to that article i read, black women are more physically attractive than non black women. not to say that other races arent hot, but just to say that i feel that black womean may be hotter. look at all the other races doing wut they can to get wut the sisters got. big tops, big bottoms, full lips, nice hips, big legs, wedding walks. i could go on for pages about my sisters.... the way they cook, the way they smell, the way the raise their children, the way they wear those house shoes and robes and tie that hair down while they cleaning up on s a saturday morning playing club music or old classic blue magic or al green. my sisters be doing it. so for all yall that read that shitty ass article, please remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion and consider the source. dont be offended, sisters aint for everybody, but they are for me. im glad he feels that way, one less person i gotta share my sugar with. love yall

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  1. As a short, bow-legged Black Woman, I say, Thank You. It is extremely rare that a black man takes notice of the beauty in a black woman (or any woman for that matter) down to her house shoes. In the same token, I can say the same about our black men. They are tall, short, slim, stocky and handsome. They have that certain je ne sais quio that all of us black woman are attracted to. They have the extra 10% of testosterone that just makes our panties wet (if I could just keep it real). But with all that being said. The infamous question would be why are our black men turning to the white woman? Can someone please share some light on THAT ONE.