Wednesday, June 15, 2011

come on now, u didnt know? really?

so someone i know really well has recently gone thru a breakup. hes all upset about it, has no idea why she left... really? its not like this stuff happens outta the blue. its not like there aint warning signs. how bout she aint sleep with u but three times a year. how bout u aint generating revenue and yall supposed to split the bills. how bout u dont wash ur feet fool. how about yall dont even get along. u knew it was coming. it wasnt a secret. maybe its a lesson learned... dont take ur loved ones for granted. treat ppl the way u want to be treated and for the love of god wash up fool. he didnt know why my ass. outta the blue my foot. unfortunately for homie its too late to be together again, but its the perfect time to start a friendship since there is a child involved. its the perfect time to make amends, gain her respect back. once the respect is there, who knows... we are all pulling for you. especially since. when the mountains turn blue, then its as cold as the rockies...

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  1. Sounds like your buddy doesn't like to admit to his faults, he can't accept to be wrong. Were all humans and we learn from mistakes (wrong doing). If you can't admit to errs than you cant better yourself. Chances are that his stubbornness is 1 of the reasons she's not with him.