Friday, June 17, 2011

even tho...

even tho my allergies are kicking my ass this week and putting me down, my spirits keep managing to keep me up. ahhh, so many things to say. so many things to be gateful for. may seem a bit repetitive but my homie coming up again this weekend. and id hate to brag but im going to my first hibachi tomorrow. but dont hate, cuz as i type this u are experiencing a van dam fryday. what could be better that? i mean comeon, did u see the video yet? hes wearing a onesie and busting moves wtf? it takes nerves, takes guts, and most of all it takes balls as we could clearly see. its wut he had to do before he got that big break. so now i leave yall with this, even tho it seems like a long ruff road, even tho its seems like ur time aint coming, even tho u gotta take those van dam roles before starring in bloodsport, just do i and appreciate the experience. be patient. learn while u wait. i do. and i know my kumate is coming soon, call me frank dukes. van dam fryday bitches

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