Wednesday, June 1, 2011

gettin there...

sup people? ok, so for yall who know me well, youre prolly tired of hearing about me talking bout cleaning up. well... obviously not enuff becuz none of yall came to over to help. its all cool tho, i love my ladies. the cleaning lady is confirmed for tuesday next week. woo hoo.  bbq soon after. its going down this summer yall. spirits are high, breathing is better, air conditioners are cranked up, bball is in the finals and the local courts are open. i been shirtless so many times this year already you wouldve thought i was at my physical prime. but its just that its been too damn hot. buts its cool, cuz things are finally coming together. ive been accepting certaiin things thats happened in my life and been visualize shit gettin better. been lining up my goals and knocking them down. been preparing myself for greatness. been setting myself upmentally.  nah, shit aint perfect right now but its getting there. shit will be perfect, or as close to it as possible. who wanna come along for the ride? huh? who? im on my way and if u know me, then you know that im gettin there

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