Thursday, June 30, 2011

good things....

good things are happening..... good things are goona happen.... how do i know? becuz i believe and i feel it. i feeel it inside my heart, my stomach. i feel success is on its way. see heres how it works for me... i think it, i believe it then i feel it. i work toward my goals and as long as i feel that energy within, my life, my universe will totally shape itself to bring me all that i am moving toward. i know, yall prolly like 'whatever' but thats fine to me. i know whats what. i know what im doing. and most of all, im happy.... so say what ya want, im good with me and my life. i love feeling like i can/will accomplish anything. i love believing that i can/will do anything. i love loving. ahhh makes me feel good. i swear, u get more done when u look thru eyes that are positive, loving, feel me. i ummm dream alot now and i the more i dream the more my dreams come true. good things are a coming, im tryna tell u! instead of being such a naysayer and seeing that glass half empty, how bout switching it up for a change and giving ur dreams a chance. be grateful yall, give thanks yall, love somebody and see how it not only changes the lives of those ur loving and helping but ull find great satisfaction too. i will do my best to pay it forward as often as i can. i know somedays just seem unbearable but u gotta fight thru those days, anyting worth having will be difficult to attain. it was difficult for me to get to this level of happiness, hence why im enjoying so much. CG$ (ComeGet$ome) thx guardian angel ;-)

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