Monday, June 6, 2011

great weekend!r

yea man, its monday all over again. but its good that its monday, cuz if the weekend was any longer half of us wouldve partied to death. and yall know im right. ppl kill me, 'my weekend was fun, but it was too short', yea aight. and plus if the weekend didnt ened when it did we have another to look forward to right away. i believe that one of the biggest joys of fun is the anticipation of it... of course its fun to have fun, but the anticipation of the actual 'fun', man that is some incredible shit. just waiting for the fun to kick off, hmmph wut an amazing wait... my weekend rocked, as anticipated... kicked it wit my brother all weekend. didnt see my ladies, but ill make up for that during the week this week. hope yall had a great weekend and if u didnt dont worry, its monday. and sure nuff tuesday comes after that. and if u can get thru the humpday to the day that starts off thw weekend party day, thursday, youll be fine.... and its all becuz the anticipation of the weekend, the suspense. omg i cant take it and its only monday.

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  1. You are so right about that, but I only love those Fridays when I'm off on Saturday. Anyway always make the best of it. And you better come see your ladies "not nice" "pow pow". That just cracked me up :)