Thursday, June 9, 2011


an awesome soul group, but not to be eff'd with when u r referring to weather. word as bond to allah yall, it was 83 degrees when i got on the bus this morning at 5:45. omg, thats crazy. was a little under the weather, feeling better now but stomach still a little sour. ahhh, summer is officially here, damn that mike woods. well its time to do all the summer stuff we do: vacation, outdoor sports, waterparks (gross), public pools (even more gross), fire hydrants (ghetto), water fights (more childish than ghtto, but fun), bbq on the westside but cookout on the east. best thing bout this weather tho, the women. they wear jus enuff to leave something to the imagination. i love yall. lol, if it wasnt for ur change in wardrobe during the summer, i would prolly be in alaska for 5 months outta the year. yall keep me going, keep me motivated, keep me at 'attention' :-)
my other favorite part of this weather means that all the knuckle heads go to the shore alot which means less weekend traffic, less populated watering holes (bar) and pretty much indoor activities for me (studio, playstation and anything else as long as the air is on freeze). yall drink plenty of water and eat ya greens and stay away from Mr. T's Cheetos. ttyl

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