Wednesday, June 22, 2011

its coming back........

sup yall? got no idea why im up at 4 something in the am blogging but whatever. me being up and feeling the way i feel means that the "feeling" is coming back. yep, gettin that feeling again.  could be my damn stomach hurting all night or my allergies killing me but either way, im up and i dont feel sleepy and i been walking around the house picking up random shit and reading it. i swear i read the fingerhut catalog end to end in 20 minutes with no intentions on buying anything.  wrote a lil bit, made breakfast at 330, in the shower and bathed by 430 and now im just waiting for the time to come for me to commute into the city.  ahhhh....... im loving the feeling. and get this, im feeling so good that i am gonna blog again today. how bout that one?  u like that dont you? i know you like it. dont act like you dont like it. well i like it and ur welcome.  have a beautiful day everyone and check back by lunch time for another one! pz!

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