Tuesday, June 28, 2011

why are full figured women so attractive and whats the diff btwn fat and thick, michael baisden show

ok so here in nyc theres a radio show on kiss fm hosted by michael baisden and the topic was whats difference between being thick and being fat and why are full figured women so attractive... i tried calling in but couldnt get thru for half hour so i gave up. luckily for me i could get my thoughts out there anyway becuz, hello, i have a blog. so heres my take... i appreciate all women, all women. i do not discriminate. but its something about a full figured woman... the way they look in their clothes, the way they feel. im not shallow to the point where i would say i dont like fat girls, cuz i like whoever treats me right. but everyone has a preference and mine is a shapely full figured gal. like em shaped like an hour glass, a 24 hour glass lol. nonetheless, all women deserve respect, so i make sure i always respect all women. ive had a taste for a petite one every now and again, but then i remembered that i like my women soft, warm. its my thoughts and to some it may be wrong, but i dont  wanna touch my lady and feel anything hard, i like em soft and cuddly. firm is cool but def not hard. i mean, skinny chicks look like it might hurt to lay with them in sexual congress, and ive never been let down by a full figured girl. ill jus stick to what i know. not saying i wont give slim a chance, but i can garuntee she wont change my preference.  now, the difference between thick and fat... i think its all in how a woman carries herself and the shape of the woman. theres only so much we can do to shape our bodies, in the end your shape is your shape and all u can do is manage how much weight u put on ur frame. thats just how i feel. at the end of the day a woman is a woman and all women are beautiful and i can find something super sexy about any woman, trust me. i could blog all day about women... i dont have any weaknesses but if i did it would prolly be women. women have taken care of me my entire life and they still continue to do so... probably the reason why i have more female friends than male becuz of their nuturing personalities... they are mothers, they are sisters, they are friends, they are lovers, i could go on and on... nutting better than a nice nite out, dressed, chilling with a fine full figured female, OMG! yall got me sitting at work going thru now! what was i saying? oh yea women. women women women. god bless yall! i love my ladies.....

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  1. Great post!See the size of my derriere might be bigger than most but if you look very closely it resembles a thick juicy roast!!