Monday, June 20, 2011


yes. the caddy. sigh. that big pretty ass 1979 cadillac coupe deville. that mothership of a car. that super sexy bench front seat, chaise lounge back seat. that, that, dayum my CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok. so i go to a hibachi in morris co, nj saturday and enjoy this absolutely bangin dinner with a couple of my ladies, right? the dinner is cool, the ambieance was set, cpol kids screamin but whatever.  we eat, its scrumptuos. we notice some buddhas sitting around.  it was what they used to hold the candles when they have a bday guest eating.  ok so im black right?  and you know that black ppl are always looking for the hookup, right?  so my mgr and good friend says to us while we are being seated "whose bday is it today?" and we are all in like "ITS HERS!" talking about another one of my ladies who just celebrated a bday. i mean, shit, we wanted a bday celebration... who cares that her bday was 2 weeks ago and we already celebrated that going to see bill bellamy.  this bitch must be old. we celebrated her bday for like 2 wks prior and now its 2 wks later and she still gettin bday celebrations. whatever! but still. we tell them tht we are celebrating a bday and i shouldve known something was up becua it tool them like 20 min after we payed the bill to comeout and sing happy bday and bang on that damn dumb ass makeshift drum with a kerchief on it. anyway we sing and blow out the candle and they was like "bye".  so me and the old ass who had mad bday celebrations was like, "lets take a buddha" and we do. and to put the icing on the cake, we steal 2 buddhas. not one, but two! long story short, after i drop everybopdy off in that super special cadillac, i pay the tnpk toll to get off at my exit and it stops and smokes..............  karma is a bitch, i had no idea what a buddha costs but i aint thing itll cost thgat much.  karma is a bitch, dont steal!and definitely dont steal twice in the same establishment! note to self... and i guess to the rest of yall too. i dont need a buddha, if i ever decide to steal another buddha i better be prepared to pay to have a car towed off the turnpike to my hoiuse then from my house to the mechanic. wkend was still cool tho, just cut short.

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