Thursday, June 2, 2011

spend some time...

hey. i know i dont get to spend as much time as i can with the people i love, but its difficuly when u have as many ladies as i do... those who know me know what im talkin about. so i establish a special relationship with them all, from latifah to tarae, sorry for naming names. i love it  that these ladies cant wait to see me and when they do they get so excited and happy. i love helping them out with whatever they may need help with at the time. i love being around them when its not too damn hot. my ladies take care of me because i manage to find some time tospend with them as often as i can. it may not be as much time as they want, but the time i spend is quality. thats my advice to the fellas out there... its nuttin like hanging wit boys and playin ball or recording music or whatever guys do nowadays in their skinny jeans. but the ppl u need to concerned with are ur ladies. make sure ur ladies get the time they deserve because they are the ones thats gonna take care of u. take care of u when ur sick, feed u when ur hungry, make u hire a cleaning lady when ur place is a mess. lol but seriously, look out for ur ladies. take the trash out for them, take their cars to get serviced, change their light bulbs, put the air conditioner in the window. not saying they cant do it themselves but if u do it for them without asking and give them the respect they deserve i garuntee u that they will make ur life worth living. i know that they could be unbearable at times but hey, they are women... jus spend the time and i promise u theyll spend their time making u just as happy. its a two way street. women are creatures that appreciate the little stuff. not saying that there arent some evil unstable creatures out there, but the good ones will make u feel like a king. i love my ladies

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