Wednesday, June 15, 2011

white castle

omg i love white castle. those little steamy squares of burgers. those intoxicating onion topped sliders. those two bites and ur done meal replacements. fortunately i cant eat them like i used to. there was a time when i would get a ten sack with only cheese and onions just to hold me over til dinner, but now not so much. nowadays if i tried that ill be on the toilet doing a number three for an hour. i get the urge to give it shot but, i know thatll be a bad move. purpose of this post is to share a white castle story wit yall. ok, so sometime in the late 90s i had a craving for some white castle. there was a young lady in my life who would always be down for an eatiing adventure, be it buffet or late nite chix shack. so, with my sidekick i devised a plan to get some white castle. since i was in between cars at the time, this mission was not as cut and dry as you may think. and since i was freshly outta high school there was an issue with the amount of monetary resources that was present. so we decided that we had to get this craving satisfied and the only logical solution would be to catch a cab to the white castle and back. so we call a green cab and an older haitian gentleman arrived with our green chariot.  we make our way to the white castle and go thru the drive thru. we order, and i didnt notice then but looking back i realized that those onions and that aroma caused me to over order and exceed my budget. i didnt take noticce until we got back from our journey and it was time to pay the cab driver. i had spent all our money stockpiling on sliders that i forgot that i was being driven in a cab. i had one plan, it was all i had... i said to the driver, sir, ur not gonna believe this.... i spent all the money on the food. he said oh. i offered a cheeseburger for the ride, an extremely small gesture for the 8 mile round trip ride. i guess the stars were aligned that day because this old man took his payment in sliders. correction. a single slider. and ate that mutha like it was the last supper. i mean, who licks their fingers eating white castle. ahhh, it always works out for me. my codefendant and i went into the house and ripped those damn cheeseburgers son

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