Friday, June 24, 2011

you already.... VAN DAM FRYDAY!

i know yall prolly mad at me cuz i aint post but once this week but itll be ok, its a feeling and it shall pass. got that saying from my momma. its van dam fryday yall. that means u get to eat a lil fried chicken or whatever ur fried vice is. but only today, you work hard all week and ur in the gym and ur running marathons like some of my friends, sup d, and youve been making the right choices for meals all week... so today u could treat urself to a lil something friend. a lil something, not a whole bag of wings flings like i know im gonna prolly end up eatin. so thats why its fryday instead of friday... now for the van dam part... he was casted for background wprk in the movie breaking and he was bored with his part. so he spiced it up with his lil black onesie, his wrestling sneakers and some 'u got served' dance moves. i personally wouldnt battle him, aint gon have jean claude van damme embarass me with that outfit on and all those names. but him rippin in that scene just feels like the weekend is about to start. so it started the whole 'van dam fryday' for me. see, gave yall a lil knowledge. i hope yall have a tremendous wkend, and if u aint got nuttin to do try giving back to the youth, spending time wit old folks, tell ur momma u love her, wash ur clothes, jump on playstation, do something to keep busy and make sure its productive. dont just be idle sitting in the sala staring off into space stoned outta ya mind. set some short term goals this weekend and do ur best to get them accomplished. who knows what a florida room is? i had no idea til a few months ago. idk, just a random thought. my brain moves a million miles a minute so sometimes youll get lil random things like that. ok so i have a funfilled weekend planned, i love my life. gonna see my ladies, get finish coordinating the first summer bball practice for my boys, gotta run to costco, maybe bed bath and beyond, idk, idk if there will be time. if u could tell me in a comment what movie the  'bed bath and beyond' quote is from u get a sweet sugar suge hug, if its a dude who gets it you could just spin off. hit yall later, say ur prayers, stay in school, drink ya milk and eat ya greens. btw, troll two is the best movie ever

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