Tuesday, July 26, 2011

finally comfortable

its about damn time! after all the bs and emotional turmoil and the transition from this to that and the car issues and all the other crap, IM FINALLY COMFORTABLE. im managing my time better, im able to get more out of my days now. first i had to find my happiness and then i had to incoroporate productivity in there and now im good. feels nice. in the midst of it all i have been neglecting my blog and other social networking sites, but all in all im glad i did. i thank u guys for being patient with me and not cursing me out everytime u guys check out the site and didnt see any new posts. thank you. i appreciate you bearing with me during the whole ordeal. u guys end up benefitting from my comfortability... since im managing my time better, i can actually blog more often. so, YOURE WELCOME! lol. nice week this week. im going to the advance screening of CRAZY STUPID LOVE starring Steve Carrell... the event is hosted by radio personality Egypt and i am super psyched to go! My mgr and i were invited by celebrity photogrpaher Rowena Husbands (blinkofaneyephotographyonline.com), she is incredible at what she does, making people look good in pics and essentially makig them famous. im blessed, so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome energies. everything is finally making sense and coming into fruition. things are finally going my way. cant wait to see whats next... got some new songs to record, got some things to upload onto some sites. im getting there yall, just had to get HERE (comfortable) first! stay tuned. hit yall later.... success feels good, ComeGet$ome (CG$)

Friday, July 22, 2011


hi. umm not sure if u guys know or not, but its effin VAN DAM FRYDAY!!!!! that means all your troubles will disappear today, or else VAN DAM will kick the shit out of em! lol. another work week coming to an end. thank god! its been to damn hot this week. word, its like haiti hot outside! the a/c at my job hasnt worked in weeks.... smdh...but for some reason, with all the bs, i still feel grand. dont cha love that? could be the lack of sleep all week and now im floating around like a zombie but either way im feeling invicible! went to a party thrown by SOPHISTA FUNK and hosted by celebrity photographer Rowena Husbands. shit was sick! had a blast! its a monthly party, im gonna post some info about as soon as i locate the email with the flyer. the party brings ppl together after work, has the dj spinning crazy joints and my fave part, it has the women going HAM! i got a chance to see some of my entertainment 'ladies' that i havent seen in forever, good times had by all! gonna get yall some more info on the monthly parties.... i gotta run, im at work sweatin my british balls off! next week yall!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

as kids we couldnt wait!

but as an adult, i loathe summer. got some musty muslim chick on the bus. she pretty ass hell but she smell like a dirty ass high school football practice jersey. then u got huge ass man in line looking to get on the bus and hes literally drippping sweat on ppl and giving them attitude about it. dud was like 'i cant help it, its hot!' hahahahaha i thought that was really funny... i am grateful to be alive to appreciate this hot ass day. grateful i got a/c's at my house. grateful i got a job to go to and be hot ass shit all day. im just god yall, im fuckin fantastic. going to a comedy  show tonite at the gotham comedy something lol, my man TMor performing. its cool to know some ppl and have an in. my terrific mgr added me as her plus 1 so now I GET TO LAUGH TOO! lol busy busy week all week, but it dont compare to this past weekend, yowzers! ppl, stay cool and dress accordingly. its played out sitting around and complaining, get up and make shit happen! ComeGet$ome CG$

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

let him breathe!

sup folks? im gon get into a touchy topic right now... space and privacy in relationships. i cant speak from a woman's perspective, but i can let u know how the fellas feel (at least the ones im colose to). we as men have a weakness as every being does, but our weakness is women. ladies, you know this. and youve known it forever but for some reson yall still aint learn how to use this powerful weapon u have. i do understand that when u find the man you want and ur diggin him and hes diggn you and its all fun and u feel like that u guys will be in each others lives for some time that it can be difficult to see urself without this man. you wanna do everything together. u wanna go shopping, and to eat, and do laundry, and go for drinks, and go for drives and whatever the hell else ppl do when theyre in relationships. all that is cool, but dont go overboard. dont neglect ur friends and family and ur hobbies and interest because youve found someone that u care deeply for to occupy ur time. some ppl seem to not understand, because ur in a relationship it doesnt mean that everything else in ur life needs to disappear. doesnt mean u cut ur friends off (unless u realize they are bad for u), it doesnt mean u put u individual interests and hobbies aside. it doesnt mean that everything u do you hafta do it together. it just means that a significant other has been added to the mix and now that part of ur life which was lacking is not being fulfilled. enjoy each other, enjoy each other as often as possible. but u gotta keep in mind, too much ANYTHING is not good for u. so with all the time u like to spend with ur 'boo' please allow enuff time for u and ur 'boo' to be apart. dont be overwhelming. its not sexy.  and even if u live together, everyone is still entitled to their space and privacy. baby, because we live in the same house it doesnt mean that we always have to be in the same room. show some initiative. if u know the fellas are coming over to watch the playoffs and its not exactly ur cup of tea or there arent any other women present, give him that time with his boys. trust me, we need it. as well as u need to spend some time with the girls. we all need the space. i wanna go away for my bday this yr but im hard pressed finding a friend that i actually like spending time with that aint broke or got baby momma issues to go with me. and the ones that are capable of paying their way gotta lie about where we are going. its not fair. its not fair because if she wanted to go away with the girls for a weekend, us men wont have a problem with it. lighten up ladies, dont give us a reason and we wont misbehave. i admit, some dudes are just idiots and dont appreciate a good thing and eff shit up, but all of us aint like that. dont watch me like a hawk because ur last boyfriend was an asshole. dont make me feel guilty or bad because im attractive to some and am outgoing and ur just a little insecure about that. its not a sexy trait. work on u first, believe in u, display some confidence and trust him until u have a reason not to. all that going thru the phone, in dressers drawers, all that is out. u aint like it when ur momma did it to u when u were at home and u didnt even pay bills then. dont do it now. i aint go nuttin to hide but that doesnt mean i want u all in my closet or in my phone for nuttin. if im gonna be somewhere, dont just pop up there. not sexy. we need to breathe too. so what i may talk slick and flirt a little bit if im out, but thats where it stays, OUT. if im happy u aint gotta worry bout somebody taking ur spot. do wut u gotta do and we'll do wut we gotta do. everybody deserves/requires their space, its not healthy for us to be all on top of each other all the time. and u better invite urself or pop up somewhere without being invited. especially when its just the fellas hanging out. its awkward for u and its def awkward for us because now the boys dont know if theyre gonna extend the invitation to me next time since my chick has got the tendency to pop up where im at. not cool ladies. dont give me a reason. trust me until i  do something to make u not, please dont invade my privacy and jeopardize my other relations. it makes everyone uncomfortable... get a life outside of ur mate, its allowed.  this is a thought of mine that i figured i would into blog form. this is not directed to anybody or group in particular. just my thoughts....

Friday, July 15, 2011


i know that i suck at posting everyday, but u gotta admit that i post when its most important. like van dam frydays!!!!! hope everybody is looking forward to their weekend, i know i am. busy busy busy but thats good, becuz ill get into less trouble. got a production session on sunday, busy day planned with my brova and my deuce and rae on saturday... gonna be good. i gotta also fix one of my most important relationships this wkened. dont know how, dont what im gonna do....but i will make it right. gotta move forward with alot of things now, had the 'shake it off' grace period, now its time to get down to business. got put all my effort into my art and all my trust into my mgr and get it going. im clearly motivated, theres no doubt about that. guess i was just enjoying the summer, having a lil too much fun. but it happens. been unhappy so long that when i finally got happy i enjoyed myself a lil too much. nothing bad happened, just pretty sure that ive had a few doubting my intentions and actions. trust me, my intentions and actions are all good. got one goal. and that goal/dream is the one u held for me. i been kinda distant, but its how i deal wit things. shit was gettin real, had to take some space. reevaluate shit, but im back now. i know what i want and knw what i gotta do to get it. u just watch out, becuz when i knock down all these ducks i lines up, im gonna be looking at u like 'i told u i was focused'. lol. hey yall, my dreams are coming true, yall better ComeGet$ome! CG$

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

touch folks, dont just txt

hey ppl! been mia for a few, but its only becuz i was technologically challenged over the wkend. my phone shit the bed.... sucks how when u dont have a phone, it seems u dont have a life. sucks that we put so much faith into electronics. sucks that the human element in EVERYTHING is going away, and even cursive is being sidelined becuz of the enforcing of teaching kids to email. wow im blessed. i take pride in my ability to communicate effectively with others. i love the fact that im considered outgoing, entertaining and a people person. im so grateful that i honed these skills before i gave into the technology. cuz even if social networking sites or txting or email or any of that, even if it all goes away.... i still know how to deal with ppl. u know ppl are actually losing their language and speaking as if they are sending a txt or an 'IM'. thats crazy! we dont even speak to each other anymore. just yesterday i learned on facebook that one of my schoolmates passed away. that sucks how i learned that on facebook. im making it my personal mission to actually start touching these 'friends' that i have. my family need not worry, im with them every chance i get, but im gonna make contacts with individuals. do urself a favor and practice ur ppl skills, not enuff of  us do. talking is dying. touching one another is dying. lets keep in contact folks. lets transfer energy ppl instead just using it to power our electronics. lets start now! ComeGet$ome CG$

Thursday, July 7, 2011

drastic decision? MADE

ok so i did.... mad ethe drastic decision. wasnt sure if i would be ok with it, but its working out.  i feel fine about the decision. ive learned that all my choices have pros and cons and they all seem to be the wroing choice until i make it right.  feeling good today yall, and it seems everyday.  isnt that awesome? lol
almost thru the work week. omg! im watching this mma stuff on tv.  im a fight fan but this shit is disturbing sometimes.  im talking dude is smashing this other dudes face with the bottom of his fist like donkey kong. anyway....  this is one of the few blogs ive written from home and im looking around, i gotta lotta work to do in this place.  its all good tho, especially since theres gonna be more hours in the day. right?  i thought they were gonna extend the day by a cpl hours?  did i just make that up? oh well. we all know what tomorrow is right?  yea u know CG$ ComeGet$ome

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ur killin urself

ok yall, lets lose the negativity. ya know what? i didnt know what happiness was until i was 30 yrs old. that means i wasnt ever truly happy me entire life. and i know this to be true because of the feeling that i have and had since 30. i havent felt this way before. im thinking positive and im giving back and im doing what makes me happy and im giving thanks and im im im just all in right now. i love it! everyone i care about is healthy. i got no reason to complain, especially since it would make more sense to fix what ur complaining about instead of wasting energy complaining. to my friends, ur killin urself. ur killing urself because u dont believe in urself. it doesnt hafta be this way. make life what u want it to be. if u believe that u are stuck and there aint no silver ling on that cloud then guess what, it wont be. i dont inted on failing, i dont i cant do anything. feel me. i refuse to crash and burn. i dont try to do shit! either i do it or i dont. and if i do it, im gon do the hell out of it. i got no time for mediocrity. its not in my cards. my daddy was a great gangster and a bad father. my mom on the other hand didnt let that defeat her. she didnt accept that she couldnt raise her son on her own. she believed she could and she did. and now i got em lining up around the corner waiting to congratulate her on the job she did.  dont kill urself people, believe in something believe in god most of all believe in urself, because whether u believe u can be successful or u believe u cant be successful, YOURE RIGHT! CG$ ComeGet$ome

drastic decisions...

im gonna do something drastic today.... not bad just drastic. its not even that drastic to a regulare person, but im so damn dramatic that its DRASTIC! lol. sup yall. hope everybody been well, and i thank yall for being patient with me and my lapses in postings. i feel good tho. the women are treating good, my ladies love me, work is the most relaxing place i see all day, my house is coming along, the caddy is in the shop. ahhh couldnt be better. most importantly, im FEELING GREAT! it all starts within. when im feeling good inside amazing thiings happen. im gonna carry on this feeling as long as i can. gonna go ahead and make my drastic move today, nothing bad just drastic (for me). so yall enjoy yall HUMPday and i will check in later and let yall know how the drastic move went. thanks for reading, eat ya greens!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back at it...

idk if its just me, but it always kinda feels like a let down when u gotta get outta, as Bobbie would say, 'play mode' and get back into the regular daily grind. i mean, we all know the weekend or holiday will end just as soon as it started but we still seem to dread it. ive been working on an idea that could possibly extend our weekends. im thinking, maybe if dont wind down the day before we hafta go back to work we wont experience the inevitable hurt of  the first day back. maybe if we party just as hard on the last night of the holiday or weekend (sunday) that we could trick ourselves into believing that monday is actuallly sunday and monday will be tuesday for us then. lol idk just lil silly things i be thinking bout when im at work and spacing out. got some things coming up so the upcoming blogs should be pretty interesting. gotta meet with the lovely lady in charge of my ent career and determine  which sites we are gonna put some music on, get some more pages up and start doing some loval venues. so should be cool. stay tuned and welcome back to work kiddos!

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy 4th!

for some reason this doesnt feel like the first time that im gonna say this VAN DAM FRYDAY! sup yall? got something good planned for the 4th of july weekend? i will prolly hit up ROASTBEEF'S bbq, hit the studio, see my ladies. ya know. oh hey, guess what? i went to a talent showcase lastnite at this loft in midtown manhattan. it was pretty cool. there was an improv group there 'The Urban Chase' from NY, they ripped. also saw some poets some actors were there. a director who has worked in the industry for years and is finally making his first movie had a few of his actors there to perform a scene from the film. it was cool. i went in support of the host, comedian Tmor (tee more), i had seen him perform a few weeks ago in the city and was invited to see him host this thing. he is ridiculously funny. hes a good friend of my mgr and  i am afraid to spend a signicant amount of time with him, he and i would be a problem together. and in all this hype, all these entertainers, i bump into somebody from my home town and before the night was over, my networking ass mgr managed to get me a spot on the bill next month if i want. crazy right? im thinking perhaps i should do. maybe i will. gonna keep yall updated on that because the support will be greatly appreciated. wish everyone a safe and happy and drunk and high 4th of july weekend. i may post while partying, stay tuned to find out!