Wednesday, July 20, 2011

as kids we couldnt wait!

but as an adult, i loathe summer. got some musty muslim chick on the bus. she pretty ass hell but she smell like a dirty ass high school football practice jersey. then u got huge ass man in line looking to get on the bus and hes literally drippping sweat on ppl and giving them attitude about it. dud was like 'i cant help it, its hot!' hahahahaha i thought that was really funny... i am grateful to be alive to appreciate this hot ass day. grateful i got a/c's at my house. grateful i got a job to go to and be hot ass shit all day. im just god yall, im fuckin fantastic. going to a comedy  show tonite at the gotham comedy something lol, my man TMor performing. its cool to know some ppl and have an in. my terrific mgr added me as her plus 1 so now I GET TO LAUGH TOO! lol busy busy week all week, but it dont compare to this past weekend, yowzers! ppl, stay cool and dress accordingly. its played out sitting around and complaining, get up and make shit happen! ComeGet$ome CG$

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