Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back at it...

idk if its just me, but it always kinda feels like a let down when u gotta get outta, as Bobbie would say, 'play mode' and get back into the regular daily grind. i mean, we all know the weekend or holiday will end just as soon as it started but we still seem to dread it. ive been working on an idea that could possibly extend our weekends. im thinking, maybe if dont wind down the day before we hafta go back to work we wont experience the inevitable hurt of  the first day back. maybe if we party just as hard on the last night of the holiday or weekend (sunday) that we could trick ourselves into believing that monday is actuallly sunday and monday will be tuesday for us then. lol idk just lil silly things i be thinking bout when im at work and spacing out. got some things coming up so the upcoming blogs should be pretty interesting. gotta meet with the lovely lady in charge of my ent career and determine  which sites we are gonna put some music on, get some more pages up and start doing some loval venues. so should be cool. stay tuned and welcome back to work kiddos!

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