Thursday, July 7, 2011

drastic decision? MADE

ok so i did.... mad ethe drastic decision. wasnt sure if i would be ok with it, but its working out.  i feel fine about the decision. ive learned that all my choices have pros and cons and they all seem to be the wroing choice until i make it right.  feeling good today yall, and it seems everyday.  isnt that awesome? lol
almost thru the work week. omg! im watching this mma stuff on tv.  im a fight fan but this shit is disturbing sometimes.  im talking dude is smashing this other dudes face with the bottom of his fist like donkey kong. anyway....  this is one of the few blogs ive written from home and im looking around, i gotta lotta work to do in this place.  its all good tho, especially since theres gonna be more hours in the day. right?  i thought they were gonna extend the day by a cpl hours?  did i just make that up? oh well. we all know what tomorrow is right?  yea u know CG$ ComeGet$ome

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