Tuesday, July 26, 2011

finally comfortable

its about damn time! after all the bs and emotional turmoil and the transition from this to that and the car issues and all the other crap, IM FINALLY COMFORTABLE. im managing my time better, im able to get more out of my days now. first i had to find my happiness and then i had to incoroporate productivity in there and now im good. feels nice. in the midst of it all i have been neglecting my blog and other social networking sites, but all in all im glad i did. i thank u guys for being patient with me and not cursing me out everytime u guys check out the site and didnt see any new posts. thank you. i appreciate you bearing with me during the whole ordeal. u guys end up benefitting from my comfortability... since im managing my time better, i can actually blog more often. so, YOURE WELCOME! lol. nice week this week. im going to the advance screening of CRAZY STUPID LOVE starring Steve Carrell... the event is hosted by radio personality Egypt and i am super psyched to go! My mgr and i were invited by celebrity photogrpaher Rowena Husbands (blinkofaneyephotographyonline.com), she is incredible at what she does, making people look good in pics and essentially makig them famous. im blessed, so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome energies. everything is finally making sense and coming into fruition. things are finally going my way. cant wait to see whats next... got some new songs to record, got some things to upload onto some sites. im getting there yall, just had to get HERE (comfortable) first! stay tuned. hit yall later.... success feels good, ComeGet$ome (CG$)

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