Friday, July 1, 2011

happy 4th!

for some reason this doesnt feel like the first time that im gonna say this VAN DAM FRYDAY! sup yall? got something good planned for the 4th of july weekend? i will prolly hit up ROASTBEEF'S bbq, hit the studio, see my ladies. ya know. oh hey, guess what? i went to a talent showcase lastnite at this loft in midtown manhattan. it was pretty cool. there was an improv group there 'The Urban Chase' from NY, they ripped. also saw some poets some actors were there. a director who has worked in the industry for years and is finally making his first movie had a few of his actors there to perform a scene from the film. it was cool. i went in support of the host, comedian Tmor (tee more), i had seen him perform a few weeks ago in the city and was invited to see him host this thing. he is ridiculously funny. hes a good friend of my mgr and  i am afraid to spend a signicant amount of time with him, he and i would be a problem together. and in all this hype, all these entertainers, i bump into somebody from my home town and before the night was over, my networking ass mgr managed to get me a spot on the bill next month if i want. crazy right? im thinking perhaps i should do. maybe i will. gonna keep yall updated on that because the support will be greatly appreciated. wish everyone a safe and happy and drunk and high 4th of july weekend. i may post while partying, stay tuned to find out!

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