Tuesday, July 12, 2011

touch folks, dont just txt

hey ppl! been mia for a few, but its only becuz i was technologically challenged over the wkend. my phone shit the bed.... sucks how when u dont have a phone, it seems u dont have a life. sucks that we put so much faith into electronics. sucks that the human element in EVERYTHING is going away, and even cursive is being sidelined becuz of the enforcing of teaching kids to email. wow im blessed. i take pride in my ability to communicate effectively with others. i love the fact that im considered outgoing, entertaining and a people person. im so grateful that i honed these skills before i gave into the technology. cuz even if social networking sites or txting or email or any of that, even if it all goes away.... i still know how to deal with ppl. u know ppl are actually losing their language and speaking as if they are sending a txt or an 'IM'. thats crazy! we dont even speak to each other anymore. just yesterday i learned on facebook that one of my schoolmates passed away. that sucks how i learned that on facebook. im making it my personal mission to actually start touching these 'friends' that i have. my family need not worry, im with them every chance i get, but im gonna make contacts with individuals. do urself a favor and practice ur ppl skills, not enuff of  us do. talking is dying. touching one another is dying. lets keep in contact folks. lets transfer energy ppl instead just using it to power our electronics. lets start now! ComeGet$ome CG$

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