Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ur killin urself

ok yall, lets lose the negativity. ya know what? i didnt know what happiness was until i was 30 yrs old. that means i wasnt ever truly happy me entire life. and i know this to be true because of the feeling that i have and had since 30. i havent felt this way before. im thinking positive and im giving back and im doing what makes me happy and im giving thanks and im im im just all in right now. i love it! everyone i care about is healthy. i got no reason to complain, especially since it would make more sense to fix what ur complaining about instead of wasting energy complaining. to my friends, ur killin urself. ur killing urself because u dont believe in urself. it doesnt hafta be this way. make life what u want it to be. if u believe that u are stuck and there aint no silver ling on that cloud then guess what, it wont be. i dont inted on failing, i dont i cant do anything. feel me. i refuse to crash and burn. i dont try to do shit! either i do it or i dont. and if i do it, im gon do the hell out of it. i got no time for mediocrity. its not in my cards. my daddy was a great gangster and a bad father. my mom on the other hand didnt let that defeat her. she didnt accept that she couldnt raise her son on her own. she believed she could and she did. and now i got em lining up around the corner waiting to congratulate her on the job she did.  dont kill urself people, believe in something believe in god most of all believe in urself, because whether u believe u can be successful or u believe u cant be successful, YOURE RIGHT! CG$ ComeGet$ome

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