Friday, July 22, 2011


hi. umm not sure if u guys know or not, but its effin VAN DAM FRYDAY!!!!! that means all your troubles will disappear today, or else VAN DAM will kick the shit out of em! lol. another work week coming to an end. thank god! its been to damn hot this week. word, its like haiti hot outside! the a/c at my job hasnt worked in weeks.... smdh...but for some reason, with all the bs, i still feel grand. dont cha love that? could be the lack of sleep all week and now im floating around like a zombie but either way im feeling invicible! went to a party thrown by SOPHISTA FUNK and hosted by celebrity photographer Rowena Husbands. shit was sick! had a blast! its a monthly party, im gonna post some info about as soon as i locate the email with the flyer. the party brings ppl together after work, has the dj spinning crazy joints and my fave part, it has the women going HAM! i got a chance to see some of my entertainment 'ladies' that i havent seen in forever, good times had by all! gonna get yall some more info on the monthly parties.... i gotta run, im at work sweatin my british balls off! next week yall!

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