Friday, July 15, 2011


i know that i suck at posting everyday, but u gotta admit that i post when its most important. like van dam frydays!!!!! hope everybody is looking forward to their weekend, i know i am. busy busy busy but thats good, becuz ill get into less trouble. got a production session on sunday, busy day planned with my brova and my deuce and rae on saturday... gonna be good. i gotta also fix one of my most important relationships this wkened. dont know how, dont what im gonna do....but i will make it right. gotta move forward with alot of things now, had the 'shake it off' grace period, now its time to get down to business. got put all my effort into my art and all my trust into my mgr and get it going. im clearly motivated, theres no doubt about that. guess i was just enjoying the summer, having a lil too much fun. but it happens. been unhappy so long that when i finally got happy i enjoyed myself a lil too much. nothing bad happened, just pretty sure that ive had a few doubting my intentions and actions. trust me, my intentions and actions are all good. got one goal. and that goal/dream is the one u held for me. i been kinda distant, but its how i deal wit things. shit was gettin real, had to take some space. reevaluate shit, but im back now. i know what i want and knw what i gotta do to get it. u just watch out, becuz when i knock down all these ducks i lines up, im gonna be looking at u like 'i told u i was focused'. lol. hey yall, my dreams are coming true, yall better ComeGet$ome! CG$

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  1. I don't doubt for a second dat ur a gonna b successful in everything u do, u got talent and the world is gonna luv u Babe!