Monday, August 22, 2011

welcome back!

hey yall... been a long time, too damn long... hope yall aint mad me, had good reasons. doesent matter tho, because im back!  been doing some things while i was away, spent some time in the ER, been dieting, hit a cpl parties, had some interesteing encounters wit some folks. been good mostly, spirits have been high lately, aint go no complaints. learned recently that that crap i would find myself being bothered by wasnt even my crap... but when u care about people u tend to take their feelings into consideration and feel just as bad as they do about certain things and just as happy for them bout others. im good tho yall. gonna implement something new to future posts and gonna do my best to post daily. im having difficulty accessing my blog from my netbook, so i hafta either do this from my cell of my pc at home..... technology is grand, i love it! there has been a ton of things going on that id like to voice my opinion on, so we're gonna get that popping off this week as well.... get some currrent events going, some pictures up to accompany the blog... ya know, lets do it for real this time. my mgr believes shes learned some helpful tools for blog'ing, so im gonna let her show me this week and we'll take it from there. hey, thanks to the folks that kept checking for the blog and questioned its lack of content as of late.... that was a huge help in me starting to post again.... this was just a re-introduction to me and whats been happenning... hope to these ratings and the website traffic shoot up again. will hit u guys up soon

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

too many things, too many things, too many things....

hey folks! lotta things going on, A LOT! but thats good right? keeping busy is good? it is for me not just busy, im thinking too much too. i havent been posting becuz the things im thinking about are a lil too personal and my mgr wouldnt want me to share some of that shit. or would she? idk either way but i know i decided to not share. mainy becuz it involves other ppl and i aint tryna put nobody in the hot seat and have em all mad at me. i can say this, I LOVE MY LIFE! lol wouldnt change it for the world. why is it so bad for men to express their emotions? why do we feel like it makes us lesser of men. its not right. its not fair. why are women able to be as sensitive and emotional as they want but we hafta be these statue like creatures that acts like nothing bothers them. i wanna break that mold. i typically do what i want anyway, so it shouldnt be that difficult for me to start this trend up. would women want a super sensitive man? do women really want men to express their emotions? do women REALLY want men to tell the truth about what/how they feel? i dont think so ladies.... i dont think yall really want that. itll be too many heartbreaks and attitudes walking round here if yall really knew how we felt or what we were thinking.  we tell yall, well the smart men, tell yall what yall wanna hear and keep hidden how we really feel  if it aint what yall wanna hear. it gets deep. oh boy does it get deep. i dont wanna talk bout this anymore. imma post something better later, not feeling this