Monday, September 12, 2011

feels good to feel good

woke up this morning feeling incredible... could be becuz i went to bed before 10 last nite... or becuz i been cleansing my body... or becuz im keeping busy at work(s). either way i feel good and im doing my best to spread the feeling. weekend was okay... my days are running together a bit more now. spoke to one of the parents from my bball team i coach. he cant wait for the season to start, they all wanna crucify me becuz of the lack of summer practices, but his boy still loves me. i know im doing something right when a kid i know, only from bball, his dad calls me to tell me that his son loves me and cant wait till the season starts. that makes me know that i aint doing it in vain. i mean granted, there are perks of coaching ;o) but ultimately its about the kids. im so grateful for the opportunity, im so grateful for my boys and the parents that are in their kids lives pushing them to participate and to be something. life is good man, aint got no complaints. enjoy yall day. oh, im gonna be involved in a new column on Etoile's website, coming soon. stay tuned for details!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

fashion's night out! 9-8-11

hey yall! its fashion's night out tonigt in NYC! i will be escorting the very talented alex young to a few spots. we'll be giving away some song downloads, some other merchandise im sure... idk really, i just know im hangin with a bunch of pretty and talented ladies tonight, so fellas u can go ahead and ENVY ME! lol i just got a fresh baldy and already got 2 mosquito bites right on the top #randomthought. smh. didnt research fashion's night out, didnt inquire, just said EFF IT and agreed to go. i imagine im gonna see some clothes, meet some folks, take some pics, make sure alex is safe and hopefully EAT! there better be food at these places tonight and i aint even playing! this is so dope tho. i mean, to live in the area my entire life, to work in the city for several years now and to have never paid attention to this event/evening... but the second i start to pursue this career in entertainment, all of these things u see on the news and u see commercials for and hear bout on the radio become a big deal. couldnt care less bout this last year, but this year im effin geeked for it. see if i could get some dope pics while im out tonight and psot for u guys on my next blog. im feeling it again, that feeling. im feeling this blogging think and the facebook post thing and the twitter, etc. but idk sometimes. if i post to facebook, should i hafta tweet? can i tweet what i put on fb? if so, would my followers be all pissed and be like 'U ALREADY SAID THAT STUPID!' idk lol i do know that, the cleaning lady is due at my house! after this, what im sure will be an amazing evening, i will hit yall back! get ready AY, its going down!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

still homophobic?

hey yalla been a minute. nuff of that... lol. are there still people out there that are homophobic? im sure there are... but my question is, WHY? i saw a sign in the city that reads 'if you dont like gay marriage, dont get gay married'. thats gotta be the truest shit ever! if you dont like it, dont do it! the same thing goes for guy on girl marrieages, if u dont like it dont do it. i really still find it mindboggling that people feel so negatively and strongly about things that have absolutely nothing to do with them in their personal lives. i know quite a few homosexual individuals and not to play into any stereotypes or puns but i swear they are the happiest and most fun people ive ever known.  gay girls and gay guys have always been a part of my life from a young age and im glad they were. i was brought upl differently. my momma did a great job, so i hear. lol. she didnt shelter me from shit or sugar coat anything. she let me know exactly what was what whenever or wherever we were. shes awesome. she exposed me to things that some people may decide against for their children, but surprisingly enuff everyone i know loves mea she had to do something right. even if it did mean to expose me to other liffestyles and whatnot. im grateful for her, because if that didnt do anything else.... it taught me to be tolerant. that people are people and however someone else is aint gonna ultimately determine how im gonna turn out. everyones decision is their own. dont be scared and dont hate... if u dont like it then dont do it, but dont give a hard time to those that like it and do it. grow the fuck up ppl! hit yall later