Thursday, September 8, 2011

fashion's night out! 9-8-11

hey yall! its fashion's night out tonigt in NYC! i will be escorting the very talented alex young to a few spots. we'll be giving away some song downloads, some other merchandise im sure... idk really, i just know im hangin with a bunch of pretty and talented ladies tonight, so fellas u can go ahead and ENVY ME! lol i just got a fresh baldy and already got 2 mosquito bites right on the top #randomthought. smh. didnt research fashion's night out, didnt inquire, just said EFF IT and agreed to go. i imagine im gonna see some clothes, meet some folks, take some pics, make sure alex is safe and hopefully EAT! there better be food at these places tonight and i aint even playing! this is so dope tho. i mean, to live in the area my entire life, to work in the city for several years now and to have never paid attention to this event/evening... but the second i start to pursue this career in entertainment, all of these things u see on the news and u see commercials for and hear bout on the radio become a big deal. couldnt care less bout this last year, but this year im effin geeked for it. see if i could get some dope pics while im out tonight and psot for u guys on my next blog. im feeling it again, that feeling. im feeling this blogging think and the facebook post thing and the twitter, etc. but idk sometimes. if i post to facebook, should i hafta tweet? can i tweet what i put on fb? if so, would my followers be all pissed and be like 'U ALREADY SAID THAT STUPID!' idk lol i do know that, the cleaning lady is due at my house! after this, what im sure will be an amazing evening, i will hit yall back! get ready AY, its going down!

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