Monday, September 12, 2011

feels good to feel good

woke up this morning feeling incredible... could be becuz i went to bed before 10 last nite... or becuz i been cleansing my body... or becuz im keeping busy at work(s). either way i feel good and im doing my best to spread the feeling. weekend was okay... my days are running together a bit more now. spoke to one of the parents from my bball team i coach. he cant wait for the season to start, they all wanna crucify me becuz of the lack of summer practices, but his boy still loves me. i know im doing something right when a kid i know, only from bball, his dad calls me to tell me that his son loves me and cant wait till the season starts. that makes me know that i aint doing it in vain. i mean granted, there are perks of coaching ;o) but ultimately its about the kids. im so grateful for the opportunity, im so grateful for my boys and the parents that are in their kids lives pushing them to participate and to be something. life is good man, aint got no complaints. enjoy yall day. oh, im gonna be involved in a new column on Etoile's website, coming soon. stay tuned for details!

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