Wednesday, September 7, 2011

still homophobic?

hey yalla been a minute. nuff of that... lol. are there still people out there that are homophobic? im sure there are... but my question is, WHY? i saw a sign in the city that reads 'if you dont like gay marriage, dont get gay married'. thats gotta be the truest shit ever! if you dont like it, dont do it! the same thing goes for guy on girl marrieages, if u dont like it dont do it. i really still find it mindboggling that people feel so negatively and strongly about things that have absolutely nothing to do with them in their personal lives. i know quite a few homosexual individuals and not to play into any stereotypes or puns but i swear they are the happiest and most fun people ive ever known.  gay girls and gay guys have always been a part of my life from a young age and im glad they were. i was brought upl differently. my momma did a great job, so i hear. lol. she didnt shelter me from shit or sugar coat anything. she let me know exactly what was what whenever or wherever we were. shes awesome. she exposed me to things that some people may decide against for their children, but surprisingly enuff everyone i know loves mea she had to do something right. even if it did mean to expose me to other liffestyles and whatnot. im grateful for her, because if that didnt do anything else.... it taught me to be tolerant. that people are people and however someone else is aint gonna ultimately determine how im gonna turn out. everyones decision is their own. dont be scared and dont hate... if u dont like it then dont do it, but dont give a hard time to those that like it and do it. grow the fuck up ppl! hit yall later

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  1. I agree with you 100%, more power to those that are brave enough to tie the knot all together. I'm glad to see you writing again, hope its not another MONTH before you grace us with your words! Lol.